100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (five)

41, a website

43, buy the window flow on the search engine in the end is good or bad? Will not be considered cheating, which is K

42, often see people say soft Wen promotion, is not the Riga link is the promotion of soft

soft in essence is soft advertising, is a collection of advertising without leakage. Soft Wen promotion usually by means of written expression and dissemination of public opinion so that consumers recognize some concepts, ideas and methods, so as to achieve the enterprise brand promotion and sale of the product. However, it is different with direct advertising, it is hidden in the advertisement, with pleasure, or knowledge of the article, it is a subtle placement. Add link to it in the promotion, and for the traditional sense of the Shanghai dragon, adding a link can be more than the chain, help website. It may be better for the website, but in today’s Internet, Shanghai Longfeng staff need and marketing combination, outside the chain of times long past, content marketing is on the rise, we must keep pace with the times.

next to the theme of the previously mentioned 100 questions must know the website optimization Shanghai Dragon (four), here is not long winded, directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (five):

answer: pop this thing may bring a little bit of flow for you, but is completely useless for search engine optimization. Not only that, over the window, the search engine may be punished, pomegranate love Shanghai before algorithm have been told. The pop can, but too much is not conducive to optimization, the user is also very disgusted with this form of advertising.

Link to

how many?

is a site of outbound links not only the right number, judging by the number, number of those well-known daohangzhan links to many, but their weight affected? First, according to their website, the website of the location, type, weight value will affect how much the export link. Secondly, even links one-way, linked to high quality website, search engine has its relevance judgment, the other site is likely to affect you, there is a link to the actual situation of export and the needs of users, to provide a valuable link to visitors. If we say that link to the right number, I think we can go to see the PR output value, preferably not less than 0.2, this can be found in Webmaster tools.

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody.

? ?Answer:

44, I love Shanghai auction is how billing ?

A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng tell you why want to optimize website structure

The first thing

?To enhance the user experience of

can control the weight of the page

anchor text to improve website ranking

!Distribution of

to increase the page number included

should be a good website structure system is the user to access the site, can pass freely into the navigation system he wants to enter the task page, and is free from some corresponding links, or you can anchor text links at a glance, you will enter the page is about what. Is not consistent with the contents of their own needs. To achieve this effect, it would have to rely on good website structure for the good website structure can enhance the user experience, convenient for users, user satisfaction, that your website user experience is improved, and the user behavior on the web can help improve the website it is said that the rankings, has now been added to the ranking algorithm reference standard.

through the website structure can control some page weight, this is because the link structure and the site itself is the relationship between the internal page weight distribution is a very important factor, which has the capability of page rank higher, weight depends on the page to get, and as a member of the Shanghai dragon people we should be rational allocation problem through optimization the structure to control the number of page weight, must be aware of good planning important degree of all the pages, and then through the link structure of the weight chain to important pages, these are all we can artificially control the.

site optimization is the webmaster has been relatively easy to ignore the problem, often see some Adsense in stationmaster net, discusses how to optimize web pages such as forums and other places, but few people mention the website structure optimization, everyone seems to optimize the structure of the website can achieve what kind of use, what help do not quite understand to improve the Shanghai Longfeng rankings, following on from the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team to tell you why want to optimize the structure of the website

good website needs to solve the problem is included, no matter what you do website, content is good, if the search engine is not included in your website, then everything is in vain, want a good website ranking, some long tail keywords ranking, then you should think to make the search engine included your web page, only included, to release, it may also have the website ranking, and included many with the website structure have a great relationship, good website structure, can lead the search engine spiders successfully grab our web content, so as to achieve the purpose of included, more convenient website structure generally speaking, spiders crawl, included the number will be more

as a webmaster, we all know that the anchor text is an important part of the site in the ranking algorithm, while the content of anchor text and can be the site owners own control, is one of the important methods to enhance the relevance of keywords, the optimization must take good internal link structure of the website structure, so reasonable >

About 10.23 love Shanghai for super chain cheating algorithm upgrade interpretation

interpretation: This is mainly for the purchase or sale of a single strand website and buy and sell the chain in the station platform.

I look at the specific

against deliberate manipulation including but not limited to the following example:

mainly affected the station: station group website and spam blogs.



just saw love Shanghai Webmaster Platform a notice: "a hyperlink cheating algorithm upgrade", published: 10.23 at 10:30 in the morning. Read the whole content after August, and I wrote an article "on the August 22nd Lugong love Shanghai" in the prediction of the update algorithm, this article points out that in August, combined with the current domestic policy from August love Shanghai notice, personal speculation love Shanghai at the end of September or October will once again upgrade and K algorithm stop adventure, hope the webmaster friends, continue to live in HOLD. The eighteen will be held in early November, prior to this, a harmonious world to maintain the necessary network is a must. In order to upgrade the personal speculation algorithm three points: first, in order to meet the eighteen, harmonious network; second, in order to compression performance, Shanghai Longfeng interests, forcing more health and enterprises to embark on the road of bidding for promotion; third, is the only true for the user experience.

1, buy or sell the links can improve the site weight;

2, no value through the web page or site built cross wheel chain to create a large number of

we look at the content of the notice: "the love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. Among them, including any point to your site links or derived from your link to deliberate manipulation. Manipulation of these links may affect the quality of search results to Shanghai love hurt the user experience, but also a lot of hard damage websites owners interests, vicious spiral, lead to the Internet ecological healthy development, there are a variety of interest groups to exploit long interests. We hope that through this algorithm upgrade can achieve two purposes: first, to further reduce the behavior of harm to the user experience; second, diligent maintenance station interests, which will focus on building up the content of the website". We can see that this upgrade is the main content for the hyperlink cheating way of manipulating the site in Shanghai love search results ranking, which means before trying to send the chain, send the anchor text site, has become the target of attack, it completely changed the industry saying: "content is king, the chain for the emperor", henceforth, should be changed to: "content is king, the user experience for the emperor".

mainly affected the station: garbage station, selling links to purchase large chain or single station.

interpretation: the main station for Qunlun chain and spam blogs.

Five details of the well site of Shanghai dragon pictures page optimization

we talk a lot is how to optimize the good article page, the text content of the page is easy to identify the search engine. But now many of the image content based website, such as photography websites and photo sharing websites can not copy these theories wholly intact. After all, not many words can be written. A good website is starting from the basic page optimization, today to share their experiences in Shanghai dragon pictures page optimization.

addition, the content of the page page picture must respect the simple, not squandering charming eyes; focus, let the main page browsing area on the core content, rather than in the sidebar, the position at the bottom of the page.

the same title as the ALT tag length is not long, the earlier example is the picture name with the phrase, a label generally will not be artificial, is usually the program automatically generated. Imagine a search engine can have a good


help the major label search engine is the image recognition, ALT tags need to be associated with the image content, the more important point, need to be associated with the page title. If the ALT tag is a direct replacement for the page title, will inevitably provoke keyword stuffing suspects, so the best way is to do the relevant keywords ALT tag content. For example, your page title is "the wedding", then "ALT in the label" sea "wedding photography" the sea "and" sea wedding photography photos "and so on, promote the web content recognition search engine better you.


web browsing speed is directly related to the user experience, a lot of pictures of original images usually have 2-5M, so the big picture in a web page, open die slow. The spider will crawl in the difficult, inclusion and ranking will be affected. Therefore, the optimization of the image size is required for the picture website.

two, Alt


, a correlation of image contentThe correlation between

, the format of the picture in the page using GIF, JPG and PNG three, according to the different requirements and. If you are a contour map or vector map, it is better to use the GIF format, if you are a large display picture, use jp>

three, the image size and page browsing speed

image content many webmaster is not easy to understand, think with the search engine is, since the identification image content search engine is not very good, how can determine the correlation between the contents of it. Indeed, the main purpose is to increase the content of correlation to improve the user experience, increase user interest in reading. If the search engine to identify your page is mainly picture content, then browse time, click rate, region of interest to determine the quality of the website user experience data from the user list. From this point of view, the content correlation is we must pay close attention to, is also the focus of optimization.

Do the bidding of how to make an inventory of what looks good but no conversion keywords

If ?

if there are tens of thousands of keywords in your account, do this is a huge project, so the keyword classification would be extremely important, good keyword classification can be very good to save a lot of time. In fact, as long as we do not plan into confusion, such as we have those good keywords are sorted according to the important degree, followed by the production of content, such as I can manage customer service staff, allowing them to write content, of course, when they write the content of the need for the marketing of their.

this problem has been bothering me, I finally thought recently constantly reflect on some things, today to share with you my thoughts of income. You know the bidding account for a big disadvantage compared with Shanghai dragon, that is a large number of keywords is pointing to the same page, a page can really carry so many keywords? Why auction page out rate so high, the main reason is that the user does not meet the demand. The second is not very good personalized guidance, in part because of the needs of key words is the need for a step-by-step guide.

as the most important factor is the effect of inquiry of landing pages can attract users, we know that there are three related keywords and do the bidding, title and description, and landing pages. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng opinion these are not a problem, but in the huge keyword bidding which became a huge problem. Many words have no corresponding page, some time ago I tested mobile search, because it is a direct copy of PC end account inquiry result rate is extremely low, compared with PC. In fact, the reason is very simple, the characteristics of the movement is very simple fragmentation of the time, must be accurate, if not the precise user will immediately leave.

find it to solve this problem will become a direction, but this is a huge project, for we do network marketing in front of people, this is a big problem, because it is difficult to understand our products, at least not customer service or service staff then understand, what is as the difference between users and low altitude search fume purifier purifier? To do network marketing people, it is difficult to answer this question, this kind of demand is as long as a good guide can also be transformed, for example, many customers do not know their own suitable for itself what product, you can write the ending of this article and a user induced asks questions, such as to tell me the details you know us, we provide you professional configuration of products, to provide a complete solution of fume purification .

do for friends all know an account there will be tens of thousands of even more key words, but really can bring so scanty keywords into several key words, more than 90% are not transformed. It really is not the value of these words? I looked at some very good keywords, keyword purchase intention is very high, but is not translated, I also think this problem, these keywords search intention is very clear, why not translate

Dig the pseudo original value to measure pseudo original points

so this is what type of pseudo original? Essentially, pseudo original is actually a re processing of others of the article, if the process is very good, can be completely used as the pseudo original articles of high quality original articles, and can give users more help, but to do so the pseudo original article is clearly not easy, concrete can proceed from the following aspects.

second, pseudo original articles can be appropriate to add some pictures. Some of the original article is more from the theoretical analysis, the analysis of the content has the certain quality, the user will also help play a role, but the theoretical analysis of the text too often make the user feel more profound, so the user for these knowledge becomes more difficult. If you in these pseudo original content, can have some of these advanced text to use easy to understand text writing, and then with a picture of the introduction of some case analysis, allowing users to contrast the case to analyze the content, so it can allow users to more easily grasp the content, and so the content is more conducive to the love of Shanghai, because the web content has been illustrated on love Shanghai.

third, can be carried out from the original content of. Because now online content is extremely rich, and some of the content there are often very verbose phenomenon, many users after many words don’t know what is the meaning of the content, but if read often feel useful, but this kind of reading is obviously a waste of time. This pseudo original text can be much simplified, can be inside the core of combs, then two articles the essence of meaning "

with love Shanghai algorithm rule upgrade, more and more people will begin once the pseudo original Shanghai dragon optimization as a weapon not essential thing, and even as an important reason, the site being punished indeed, before the pseudo original do a little over the fire, such as the order of words in accordance with paragraph change or, to change the title, the last paragraphs of the text are modified, it is transformed into a so-called pseudo original. This pseudo original obviously and the pseudo original there is a huge difference.

first, pseudo original text processing will need all the scientific. This is the key, in fact we know that the world is a copy, see you have no copy of the level, Li Bai had faked Cui Hao, "Yellow Crane Tower" wrote an article "Phoenix Palace" at Jinling is in a pseudo original after processing, in the artistic level does not lower than Cui Hao works and even the experts believe that The students surpass the teacher. master. Thus the pseudo original is not a simple copy, but according to the original rethink, write a similar article. After the scientific process, to show the readability and quality attributes of the original article false. This is also conducive to the pseudo original in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion effect.

Good for promotion of user experience, do not burn,

data of this method also need to refer to the creative.

The popularity of

in general, bidding account unit will have several different ideas, and when the keywords quality declines, but do not worry or modify the rectification ideas, and more to observe, to search by keywords quality decline, will showcase creative keywords offline, and then check whether the keywords quality degrees rise if no, then search the word view second times show the creative line, and before the line of ideas, in turn operation. If this situation is not quality rise, can start to try and referrals two groups of creative methods as above, you will find that in some cases, only need to stop an idea, you will increase the degree of quality.

search engine is just algorithm, therefore can only imitate the habits of users how to quality on the page, the same is true of the quality of bidding. If a keyword click on the more people, the lower bounce rate, it appears in the search engine is the user experience better, for a higher quality? (I believe that Shanghai dragon friends is also very familiar with this method)

if the exclusion method did not allow keywords quality degree can be picked up, then we can modify the keywords in creation (i.e., wildcard part) to the core keywords as the center, add long tail keywords or related keywords, wildcards containing only the key.


this can be such a popular method, will account the need for quality optimization keywords arrange and adjust the price, general Ye Jianhui will be adjusted to 0.8 yuan bid, depending on the keyword display, heat and other factors, so the specific price depends on the specific circumstances. Then click search again for keywords, adhere to 35 days, a word can rise to the stars, of course, here you need to avoid a keyword, click IP and creative replacement long visit and depth etc..

some time ago Ye Jianhui to apply for a lot of enterprises, found that most companies will do the sales network using search engines for promotion, and click on the bidding price, the conversion rate of distress and so on, so they want to demand Shanghai Longfeng natural ranking, which after its origin lies in many are the boss or inexperienced personnel management, even rely on love Shanghai customer service operation and management account, this proposal or find a professional personnel to operate the account, it is not outsourcing, especially for burn burn enterprises, after all the love Shanghai customer service is take a percentage of gold consumption Eli bidding, the more money the more natural profitable customer service, customer service said it is not so don’t believe everything. Of course, people think that love is very good in Shanghai for a promotion, share several points to improve the quality and reduce the cost of several methods following Ye Jianhui with the perspective of user experience.

rectification method

Click on the display and conversion of

elimination method

Do these six Shanghai Longfeng optimization will no longer difficult

Why did

take out this? Because in my own more than two years of experience, the chain is very important, the chain is a chain, let the love of spiders in Shanghai cycle crawled in the article, the weight transfer does not stop, so the optimization effect is a very big help, I do. The chain is the main way in an article in another article title, and then link to it.

with my own experience of website structure on a website optimization to have a crucial role as my own station, DIV layout, static, URL standard, although spent a lot of time, but at the current situation the effect is very good, the code is simple, to love the Shanghai spiders, and also do keyword layout well, the website structure is done, so others can boldly trust to do, if this is not done, then the first people lose a step, in the fierce competition, every step to do than others, may have a chance of winning the.

is the first to analyze competitor data to do the website, this is the most important prerequisite, competitor analysis data mainly from the original and the chain, the original is not what to say, as long as you every day to write, to write more than the other article every day, you will be more than the other. In fact, I mainly consider the issue from the chain, the original really, I do not worry, it is important to analyze the other chain, where the chain and how to do the chain, then I am on the other side of the chain of place to do outside the chain, not on the other side the chain of place to do outside the chain, so there may be more than others, and analyze the other friends of the chain, if the absolute other friends of the chain of good words so you can find other friends of the chain to do friends chain, it is best to find the station link, I will find a few station link like this. The effect is very good, the YAHOO chain lot.

: a competitor analysis data of Shanghai dragon.

just started Shanghai dragon to optimize the time very happy every day, I feel like there is to learn to study hard every day, to learn how to false original, how to send the chain, how to do the chain, how to optimize the forum post, how to optimize the post, how to ask, how to do the directory and so on, these are learned, Shanghai dragon slowly feel the dull and boring, think every day is to do the same thing, also gradually feel good without technical content at all, will feel that anyone can do Shanghai dragon, also gradually decadent, if the site optimization is up okay, if if not, then you will find what you are not. Maintain an optimistic attitude to Shanghai dragon is very important. So do Shanghai dragon also does not want to so simple thing, I have done more than two years of Shanghai dragon, also summed up a few points.

two: the structure of the website itself to do.

do these six points, so a good website ranking left out, these six points are as follows:

three: the website must be well within the chain.

Hold the three out of the ordinary love Shanghai optimization easy win

as the website construction production and site optimization personnel, in the face of such accounts for the vast absolute advantage of the search engine, you can be completely indifferent? The site is now more than 90% of the traffic comes from search engines, and more than 80% Chinese in search traffic comes from love Shanghai. So in the premise of ensuring the quality of the site, while not affecting the user experience does not violate the principle of search engine under the condition of the site of their optimization, Internet marketing is a shortcut to success. Love Shanghai? At least I think, Google and YAHOO and other international search giant compared to love Shanghai more in line with people thinking and habits. For example, the definition of the link, judgment on differences in the key words, and the judgment of website quality, website evaluation and weight assignment process etc..


Chinese Su search engine market, love Shanghai with more than 83% of the market share of the way the vast dust. As a focus on Chinese and China market Internet Co, love Shanghai not only well versed in the local operation of the road, but also in the search technology has made a lot of originality. Instead of saying that sina was owed 2 million technical service fee, let love Shanghai overnight and the achievements of today’s Chinese search dominance. Not that the accumulation of the years, let love in Shanghai Chinese search technology capability. In the eyes of ordinary people, although there is no Google search to love Shanghai so precise and simple (more competing business interests, and let love Shanghai blinded), but love Shanghai more understand Chinese is in doubt, leading the Chinese champion of the search market, it is also evidence of its unique technology.

The role of the

, a new breakthrough: a web site link definition is not limited to link anchor text

link in website optimization, has been validated and explained, especially in Google optimization process. A large number of high-quality keyword text links, absolutely can quickly and effectively improve website ranking in Google, Google and experience judgment important reference index of PR site weight. Love Shanghai, search engine to determine the site link mostly through the keyword anchor text is a keyword, such as "Shanghai site construction", through the HTML language linked to the target site. Or that the content of the page, and link to the target site there.

anchor text link, not only convenient search spiders crawl the website along the link, more action is recommended to play the role of search engines. For example, in an article which will connect the keywords "Shanghai website construction" to a website, the more play the role is recommended to search engines, so site is website construction in Shanghai area. Recommended by many people, the search engine slowly on the site will be a good quality, with a high degree of content, weight will slowly increase. Love is Shanghai’s progress, the value of the link anchor text at the same time, do not ignore the article appeared in the web site. That is to say as long as the target site outside of the page, the target site of the domain name, the same will be calculated as a link to love Shanghai. This is perhaps why focus on the original.

Hematemesis manual external links knowledge share

贵族宝贝qud6贵族宝贝/ (acne special network) original offer please keep the link.

: the first method is outside the chain of high quality

This paper consists of:

third: the chain theory knowledge of
if my site is all the high quality of the chain, is not on the website are of great help, this is wrong, if the individual nature of the site is all the high quality of the chain, search engines will be determined to buy links that will be punished accordingly, so the high quality of the chain has to be done, the low quality of the chain must do, many owners said he did not do a low quality of the chain, actually did not do, but users have volunteered to help him.


fifth: there are a lot of construction outside the chain of local

fourth: how do the chain

external links construction is a very important task in the process of Web site optimization, website content in addition to the daily update, every day is constantly searching for the release of external links, but there is a difference between high quality and low quality of the external links, then what is the high quality, what is the low quality.?

don’t give you too much because of the construction of the chain and lose yourself, choose several method suitable for their own, and can hold on for a long time to the operation of the construction of the chain depends on the execution, patience, if you can hold on for a long time, to enhance the site’s weight, row names have a very big help.