The pioneers of the Eva Duarte Cup

first_imgThe RFEF president Armando Muñoz assumed the organization. In fact, there are documents that prove the direct connection of the RFEF, as evidenced by different articles made by CIHEFE, such as a study by historian Javier Sánchez.That RFEF participation would give official title and what would differentiate him from other Super Cup matches. For example, in 1940 they faced Espanyol (Cup champion) and Atlético Aviacion (League champion) in the so-called Spanish Champions Cup, although this match was friendly. Another tournament with similarities to the Super Cup was the Gold Cup Argentina, which faced Barcelona and Athletic in 1945, which came from winning the League and the Cup. But unlike the Eva Duarte Cup, this tournament was sponsored only by the Catalan Federation and not by the RFEF. Valencia and Real Madrid premiere the new format of the Spanish Super Cup as in his day, specifically on June 13, 1948, were also the pioneers in disputing the first of the seven editions of the Eva Duarte Cup, the “official precedent” of the Super Cup, as cataloged to the tournament in an article published in 2015 on the website of the RFEF.Despite such official rank, in the winners of their respective official websites, only said tournament include Barcelona and Athletic, not so the other three clubs that were champions: Real Madrid, Athletic Y Valencia (Although in the official book of the Centenary of Valencia the achievement of the Eva Duarte Cup that he won in 1949 is reported).The Eva Duarte Cup was the idea of ​​the Argentine ambassador to Spain, Dr. Pedro J. Radío, as a tribute to the wife of the president of the Argentine Republic, a country that supplied Spain with basic products in the postwar period, in an era of international isolation from the Franco regime. In their first edition they faced the Champions League (Valencia) and Copa (Real Madrid) of 46/47. It was played in Chamartín and Madrid won in extra time (3-1).last_img read more