Couch potato perfection Netflix now offers continuous playback for TV shows

first_imgLike most people, I am a big fan of TV show marathons. I’ll shotgun an entire season over a weekend with friends and family. With DVDs this is really easy, as there’s usually a “Play All” button, but this wasn’t the case with Netflix streaming. You’d have to stop watching, find the controller, pick the next episode, and so on. That ends today because Netflix announced their new “Post-Play” experience.Post-Play is not a new concept, but one that the Netflix desperately needed. How it works is this: when you get to the end of an episode the credits will be shrunk into a box while options appear to select the next episode or make other navigational choices. If you do nothing, and you are watching a television series, Netflix will automatically advance to the next episode within 15 seconds. The PS3 and web versions of the Netflix app support the new feature now, and Netflix plans to roll out the feature to their other apps shortly.This feature closely mirrors the next episode feature that has been baked into Hulu for some time. Rather than progress to the next episode though, Hulu progresses to the next video in the Queue, regardless of whether or not it is related to the video you have just watched.Post-Play is taking a great usability enhancement and one that makes Netflix’s video service feel a lot more like a part of the home theater experience, instead of just a convenient app.last_img read more