20,000 paper birds help fund COVID-19 units at Belgium hospital

first_img“I had a very serious heart surgery and I was well taken care of by this hospital. It’s why I wanted to help them,” Kaisin told Reuters.Kaisin also organized an art auction which raised a further 300,000 euros ($353,000)for the hospital, which he said would support its medical research, including into the side effects of potential COVID-19 treatments.  Topics : A flock of 20,000 multicolored origami birds has been installed in a cathedral in Brussels, Belgium, as part of a fundraising artwork that has paid for two COVID-19 units at a local hospital.Suspended from the ceiling of the medieval Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula by thin wires, the paper creations have come from as far afield as Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, after Belgian designer Charles Kaisin asked people to send in home-made birds, or deposit them in boxes in 160 shops around Brussels.Each bird was matched by a donation from companies including French energy firm Engie, raising 101,625 euros ($119,744) for two units for COVID-19 patients at the Erasmus hospital in Brussels.last_img read more

49ers Breida, most starters don’t practice, nor does Packers’ Rodgers

first_imgSANTA CLARA — Matt Breida’s ankle injury forced him Thursday to miss his first 49ers practice this season, and he had so much company from offensive teammates that coach Kyle Shanahan said he’s rarely seen such mass casualties.Shanahan would not rule out Breida from Monday night’s game at Green Bay, however, and is “still keeping fingers crossed” their leading rusher can play. Otherwise, Alfred Morris, who’s platooned with Breida all season, would be in line to start and see an increased …last_img read more

Giants facing roster dilemma with Pablo Sandoval

first_imgSCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–The San Francisco Giants are planning a “Let Pablo Pitch” bobblehead giveaway for their home game May 11 against the Cincinnati Reds.As Opening Day approaches, a “Let Pablo Stay” bobblehead may be more appropriate.The roster status of popular infielder Pablo Sandoval is officially in question after the Giants completed a trade with the Cincinnati Reds to acquire utility player Connor Joe on Thursday.Joe, 26, is a Rule 5 draft choice who must remain on the Giants’ 25-man …last_img read more

Selecting and environmental alarm

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest If an equipment malfunction or power outage occurs in an agricultural facility when nobody is there to notice, the environment can quickly become deadly to animals or plants. For example, failure of a greenhouse heater on a cold winter night could freeze plants. Ventilation failure on a hot summer day can kill animals. To help prevent such losses, a monitoring system can be installed and programmed to send an alert if critical environmental parameters reach dangerous levels. With the right sensors, alerts can also be sent out in the event of ruptured water lines, power outages, and/or other equipment failures. A monitoring system will hopefully never be used, but if it is, could easily pay for itself the first use. Functionality, reliability, safety, false alarms, and costs should be considered in selecting an alarm. Alarm functionalityAn alarm can be a stand-alone device or an integrated part of a plant or animal facility’s environmental controller. A stand-alone alarm will have its own sensors and base unit to send alert signals. These are commercially available from La Crosse Technology, Sensaphone, Monnit, and others. Manufactures of computerized control systems offering integrated alarms include Wadsworth, Argus, Link4, Micro Grow, Priva, and others. If you already have a computerized control system and are thinking about an alarm, it is worthwhile to investigate if there is an alarm feature that can be activated.The number of parameters to be monitored is an important consideration when choosing an alarm system. Each parameter monitored; temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. requires its own sensor and input. Basic alarm systems are limited to sending out alerts. More advanced features include data logging and real-time monitoring of current environmental conditions. Alarm systems with the most functionality offer remote monitoring and control of environmental set-points. Alarm systems send alerts by phone call, text message, and/or email. Find out from employees who will receive potential alerts which method of communication will be most effective. ReliabilityAlarm systems consist of sensors and a base unit that communicates with the outside world. In some alarm systems the sensors and base unit are wireless while others are hard-wired. Without question, a wired system will be more reliable because there will be no connectivity issues. The advantage of wireless systems is there is no need to hide and secure wires. To install a hard-wired system it may be necessary to dig trenches to bury the wires.The base unit can communicate through a phone landline, cellular communications, or Internet connection. A landline is the most reliable connection as it will continue to function even when the power goes out. Unfortunately, many agricultural facilities do not have a landline. The next best thing is sending messages through cellular communications assuming a strong signal. In the event of a power outage, a cellular system will require a battery backup. An alarm communicating with the Internet will be the most vulnerable to power outages. An additional battery backup is required for the modem. SafetyAny pathway for communication with the outside world opens up an entry point for cyber-attacks. Basic alarm systems limited to sending information carry the lowest risk. When two-way communication takes place, for example to control environmental conditions remotely, the risk of attack increases. Phone lines and cellular connections are less likely to be attacked than an Internet connection, but there is no completely safe connection. Hard-wired alarm systems are safer form a security standpoint because anybody with the right equipment can pick up a wireless signal. Use multiple layers of security such as long passwords, firewalls, and an independent network for the alarm through dual network interface cards in the computer. Hackers target vulnerable systems, not necessarily large operations. A devious individual may hack a system and simply adjust the temperature set point from 65 degrees to 120 degrees. False alarmsLimit false or delayed alarm messages by ensuring reliable sensor readings. Multiple false alarms will cause individuals to begin ignoring alarm messages. For example, direct sunlight on a temperature sensor may generate a false alarm for high temperature. Do not allow direct sunlight, heating vents, or cooling pads to interfere with temperature reading. Place the sensor in an aspirated radiation shield to ensure a representative measurement. The base unit and any other electronics should be protected from the elements as well. Be careful not to use the battery backup in such a way that it fools the system into thinking the power is on during an outage. CostsWired base units cost more than wireless, but they usually have more functionality, such as built in data logging. Systems that log data usually require a computer, adding to the cost. Most companies offer free software but some do not.Operational costs include electricity, telecommunications service, and annual fees if you are data logging in the cloud. To properly maintain an alarm system it is most important to replace the batteries (average every two years) in the sensors. Batteries that are not replaced in the recommended time frame can leak and damage the sensor.Infrastructure costs, such as the purchase and installation of cables, exist for hard-wired systems. In some cases, especially where structures are already constructed, it can be less expensive to purchase a complete wireless system than paying to bury wires. Dr. Peter Ling is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the area of controlled environment plant production. He can be reached at 330-263-3857 or [email protected] This column is provided by the OSU Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, OSU Extension, Ohio Agricultural Research and development Center, and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Luke Power is a Research Associate in the OSU Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.last_img read more

Google Announces the Next Version of Android

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … frederic lardinois EnterpriseGoogle is clearly going after enterprise users with Android 2.2 as well. The new version of the operating system will feature Exchange capabilities like account atuo-discover and calendar sync. Thanks to a new device policy management API, developers will now also be able to write apps that can perform remote wipes. Related Posts Tethering and Mobile HotspotsAndroid devices will now be able to function as portable hotspots. Creating a hotspot will be as easy as turning on this feature in the Android settings. This functionality, of course, will have to be enabled by the carriers.BrowserThe browser in Android 2.2 got a major performance boost thanks to the addition of the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine to Android. In today’s demo, which featured quite a few direct swipes at Apple, the Android browser clearly outperformed Safari on the iPad. According to Google, the addition of the V8 engine has resulted in an improvement by a factor of three in JavaScript performance.This version of Android will give developers greater access to the phone’s sensors and allow apps to interact with input from a phone’s accelerometer and camera.Voice InputGoogle also highlighted Android’s voice recognition features. As Gundotra noted, using voice recognition currently works great for long queries. In the next version of Android after 2.2, the software will also be able to understand intentions. While Google only introduced this feature very briefly, it was clearly meant to remind the audience of Siri, a company Apple recently acquired in order to offer a similar feature in the iPhone OS. External Memory and Auo-Updating for AppsAndroid 2.2 will automatically move applications that don’t fit into the device’s internal memory to an SD card. In addition, you can now update all your apps with one click and even tell Android to update all your apps automatically whenever the developer releases a new version.Market in the BrowserGoogle will bring the Android Market to the browser to give users a more iTunes-like experience. Thanks to the new cloud-to-device messaging feature, whenever you buy an app in the new Android Market on the Web that app will now automatically begin downloading on your Android device. MusicUsers will also be able to stream their music from their desktops to their Android devices. To enable these features, Google has quietly acquired Simplify Media. Tags:#Google#mobile#NYT#web Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement SpeedGundotra also stressed that this new version of Android is significantly faster than current versions. Thanks to a new compiler, various benchmarks show that apps on Android 2.2 are up to five times faster than the same code running on Android 2.1. Google just announced Froyo, the next version of its Android mobile operating system. According to Google, this new version will be significantly faster and more enterprise-friendly. Froyo will also offer a backup API, a “cloud-to-device” messaging API and support for tethering and portable hotspots. In addition, Android 2.2 will feature a significantly faster browser and better ways to find Android apps.Cloud-to-Device MessagingOne of the most exciting new features in Android 2.2 is the addition of a cloud-to-device messaging service that, at first glance, looks a bit like Apple’s push notifications service. Taking a swipe at Apple, however, Google’s vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra noted that this API is not meant to “make up for the lack of basic features like multitasking.” Instead, this new API will allow users to send “Android intent” messages from other services like Google Maps. In the example Google showed during today’s keynote, Gundotra sent directions from Google Maps on the Web directly to the phone. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Djimon Hounsou Joins Stars In Supporting Strong Arms Trade Treaty

first_imgAs the United Nations gears up for a final round of negotiations on the international Arms Trade Treaty, Oscar-nominated actor and Oxfam America Ambassador Djimon Hounsou joins a number of Nobel Peace Prize winners, celebrities, faith community leaders, retired generals, and civil society organizations calling on President Obama to support a robust Arms Trade Treaty.More than 325,000 people are estimated to have lost their lives because of armed violence since negotiations for the treaty were halted last year, and next week negotiators start anew in the hope of finally delivering an international treaty. Fresh from a trip to South Sudan where he saw first-hand the devastation that the poorly regulated weapons trade is having on families and communities, Hounsou arrived in Washington to make the case for Washington support.“It felt like a Hollywood movie to see young boys carrying AK-47’s,” said Hounsou. “A strong Arms Trade Treaty would help restrict the flow of such weapons and bullets to countries like South Sudan. We all have a moral obligation to bring about a robust ATT and make the world a safer place.”The proliferation of guns in South Sudan where war raged for nearly five decades has led the government to begin collecting guns from civilians. However, collection has only occurred in some areas and recently disarmed communities have fallen prey to heavily armed attackers. During the week-long trip, Hounsou visited the states of Warrap and Lakes where community members explained that the free flow of guns and ammunition have made the problem of inter-communal violence and cattle raiding worse.“For many families in South Sudan, cows are like money in the bank,” said Hounsou. “While cattle theft has been going on for generations, today, with guns instead of spears, the conflicts have turned far deadlier.”The United States has some of the strictest regulations when it comes to the export and import of weapons such as tanks, guns, missiles, ammunition and other arms, but many countries, such as South Sudan, don’t have any laws on arms imports at all. The Arms Trade Treaty would establish a global framework and bring the rest of the world more in line with the rigorous standards and regulations already in force in the United States.“As the government of South Sudan continues with the disarmament process, the international community can help slow down the flow of weapons and ammunition into the country by agreeing to the global Arms Trade Treaty,” said Raymond C. Offenheiser, president of Oxfam America. “The Arms Trade Treaty would close the loopholes exploited by irresponsible arms dealers and help prevent regional and civil conflicts from spiraling out of control.”Hounsou joined a number of other actors, musicians and directors in a letter to President Obama urging him to support the treaty.“The world looks to the United States to lead on human rights. Now is the time for us to demonstrate that leadership by endorsing the Arms Trade Treaty,” stated the letter also signed by actors Kristin Davis, Rooney Mara Q’orianka Kilcher, and Tim Roth, musicians Jackson Browne and Angelique Kidjo and Russell Simmons, as well as director Ed Zwick and artist Yoko Ono. “As Americans of conscience, we have a responsibility to ensure that children and their families, wherever they are, can live free of violence.”Four other letters from diverse constituencies, including a dozen retired generals, more than 500 legal professionals and scholars, and Nobel Peace Laureates, were also addressed to President Obama today, urging him to support a robust Arms Trade Treaty during this critical battle for responsible arms trade.“As humanitarians and peacemakers, we cannot accept the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are gunned down each year, with millions left maimed and traumatized,” stated the Nobel Peace Laureates letter signed by Oscar Arias, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, and Leymah Gbowee, among others. “The poorly regulated arms trade fuels conflict, violence, and serious violations of human rights, with devastating effects on health, security, and sustainable social and economic development.”last_img read more

Matrimonial property rights bill reintroduced

first_imgAPTN National NewsOTTAWA–The Harper government has introduced a bill in the Senate to deal with matrimonial property rights.Bill S-2 is supposed to protect the rights of women and children living on reserve in the case of divorce.Reserves are not covered by provincial marriage laws and the Indian Act is silent on the subject.The bill was introduced in the Senate Wednesday.“It has been more than 25 years since the Supreme Court of Canada acknowledged that people living on reserves in Canada lack similar matrimonial real property rights and protections as other Canadians,” said Aboriginal Affairs John Duncan in a statement. “Our government is taking concrete action to address this unacceptable situation.”last_img read more

Rep Howrylak welcomes Ukrainian community for Holodomor commemoration

first_img03Nov Rep. Howrylak welcomes Ukrainian community for Holodomor commemoration Categories: Howrylak News Today state Rep. Martin Howrylak and the Ukrainian American community of southeastern Michigan commemorated the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33, known as Holodomor.The special one-hour event took place in the Michigan State Capitol rotunda today. Members of the Legislature and citizens from the Ukrainian community gathered to reflect on the millions of lives lost during the Holodomor.“The people of Michigan value democratic freedoms, human rights and the rule of law,” said Rep. Howrylak, of Troy. “There is no place in this world for the savagery of Soviet communism that was imposed upon its people, including those who were unwillingly made a part of the Soviet Union during the Holodomor.”The term Holodomor is a Ukrainian word that means “extermination by means of starvation,” and refers to the Ukrainian famine and genocide of 1932-1933, when millions of Ukrainians perished under the Soviet government of communist dictator Joseph Stalin. Many survivors of the Holodomor and their descendants reside in Michigan and have contributed to the state’s cultural, economic, political and educational life.“It is important to observe the Holodomor and reflect on its horrific legacy,” said Rep. Howrylak. “I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the Ukrainian community for organizing this special memorial, which will draw attention to this historic tragedy.”PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Martin Howrylak, center, today welcomed citizens of the Ukrainian American community and Sens. Steve Bieda, third from right, and Mike Kowall, second from right, to the Capitol for a special event commemorating Holodomor.last_img read more

Rep Glenn pledges to fight bill threatening Bay City Western Warrior mascot

first_img State Rep. Gary Glenn, of Williams Twp., whose son graduated and played football at Bay City Western High School in Auburn, today said he will work to kill a state Senate bill introduced last month that threatens to reduce state funding to Bay City Public Schools unless Western sports teams abandon their Native American-based “Warrior” mascot.Western High School fight song and imagery, long on display in the gymnasium, honoring the Warrior spirit. The bill, introduced Nov. 2 by a Democratic senator from Detroit, would reduce state funding to any school district that allows a school to maintain a sports mascot or logo deemed “race and ethnicity-based.”“This politically correct waste of time in Lansing is a good argument for a part-time Legislature,” Glenn said. “Trying to force Western to abandon its long-held tradition of honoring the Warrior spirit, and threatening to cut school funding if we refuse to capitulate to liberals’ ‘identity politics’ agenda, is not the proper role of state government. We should continue to urge our young people, as Western does, to have a Warrior mentality as they face the challenges of life, not an attitude of victimhood, and in the end, what we call our local sports teams in Auburn is our business, not Detroit’s or Lansing’s.”“When my son played ball at Western, the Warrior mascot was an honored inspiration to student athletes to emulate the fighting spirit and pride of the native peoples of Michigan,” Glenn said. “In that same spirit, I will work to preserve Western’s tradition of respect and honor and protect the authority of local school board members, administrators, and parents to make such decisions.“I assure families and students at Western that as a proud Warrior dad, I will work to ensure that this threat to funding for Bay City schools does not become law,” Glenn said.Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Williams Twp., left, and son, a former Western Warrior football player. Glenn’s son, now 27, played football at Western High School during the 2008 and 2009 seasons, graduating in 2010. He was also involved in computer technology competitions at the Bay Arenac Career Center and is now a senior rocket instrumentation technician in the aerospace industry.Glenn noted that previous attempts to force Michigan schools to change Native American-based mascots have been dismissed by the U.S. Department of Education and the state Attorney General.Senate Bill 646, introduced by state Sen. Ian Conyers, D-Detroit, has been assigned to the Senate Education Committee. Should the legislation be approved by that committee and the Senate, it would advance to the House where Glenn, who serves as Associate Speaker of the House Pro Tem and chairman of the House Energy Policy Committee, promises to fight it.##### 01Dec Rep. Glenn pledges to fight bill threatening Bay City Western Warrior mascot Categories: Newslast_img read more