Infantino and his project: “Our mission is to globalize football”

first_imgFIFA President Gianni Infantino celebrated his first Wednesday four years in office and announced his project for “a truly global football” with eleven key objectives, after an initial period of “much-needed governance reforms that have restored the image” of the organization.The document “Vision 2020-23 for a truly global football sets up a plan for modernize the world of football and make it increasingly inclusive and mark the way to the day when we have at least 50 teams and as many clubs from all continents at the highest competitive level, “said Infantino.According to FIFA in a statement, the eleven basic objectives for this are “Modernize the football regulatory framework, increase income in a sustainable way to continue reinvesting in football, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, guarantee the success of our most emblematic competitions and globalize our competitions.”They add “increasing competitiveness on a global scale, maximizing our influence on the global development of football, accelerating the growth of women’s football, taking advantage of technology in football; safeguarding positive values ​​in football and influencing society thanks to the power of football. ““Each of these objectives rests on four pillars that range from organizing sustainable tournaments to generating more opportunities for our members to host FIFA tournaments, to create unique experiences for fans and global audiences, and to fight against racism and other forms of discrimination “, he added. Infantino recalled that the government reforms undertaken since his arrival have made FIFA “restored its image as a reliable institution that works in favor of football” and “defended that” FIFA is in a very solid position that allows it to set objectives clear and specific, to give more concrete results “.For Infantino, the important thing now is to make football, “the most popular sport in the world, practiced and revered by billions of people in every corner of the planet,” be “truly global.”“It is true that football is played throughout the world, from the streets of Kinsasa to the beaches of New Caledonia, and I feel fortunate to have been able to verify it in person, since I have visited more than one hundred countries over the past four years. However, I have the feeling that we have a lot to do and we have the great opportunity to make football really global, accessible and inclusive in the broadest sense, worldwide, “he added.In his opinion, “it is not conceivable that a sports discipline with an immense power of influence and known worldwide can only be practiced at the highest level in a few areas of the planet.”“Our main mission is to globalize, popularize and truly democratize football for the benefit of the whole world. And this is the vision I want to convey until 2023”, added Infantino, who was elected president after corruption scandals that splashed former FIFA directors on February 26, 2016, with the backing of 115 207 members in front of Barein Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al Khalifa, and reelected by acclamation last 5th June.last_img read more