Shanghai dragon Er need to write a good article from which angle

core point accurate positioningIt is important to

Er of Shanghai Longfeng heard to write text, will certainly feel stressful, even painful. We do not know whether you have this feeling, I deeply feel the pain, when the leadership of the company to when I write text, I am very tangled, because they do not know how to write, do not know how soft is a soft paper to meet the needs of users. After reading a lot about how to write text books, but to write a soft or a headache, the main reason is to write their own soft simply can not achieve good results. Until today brother Lou loose answer, only see light suddenly finally understand from what point of view, to write soft read more

Shanghai Longfeng content production skills of the title of the party’s Secret

directly with the 19 floor of the headlines today, let us also to participation, on the front page, we see two big title, if it is you, what do you think of the front page, the title is " 500W! Get the year-end bonus mouth laughs crooked " and " pitiful year-end bonus unstoppable married girls heart, " in the two plays, the following text is written in their own small, so when you see when you have such a title, click the desire? Or you can think what

I want to write this article is to look at the front page of the article "the title of the party to be Shanghai dragon ER inspiration Shanghai dragon only skills", left to think, what is the title of the party, if only the title of the party as their pride in the capital, to guide the user to click on the strong demand, it is completely the user experience is denied, but if you can try to guide the user to the title of the real thinking in the title of the party, that is we most love to see it, but when we in Hangzhou around 19 buildings are often small the modified Title misled by click into, that is the things, could not help on this title Tucao a lot, why? Because in this title, then let you think, either let you think too much, but when you click Once inside, they found something and you want to leave, and ultimately only a sigh: "I think the original is much". read more