Local family celebrates the birth of leap year baby

first_img“Five o’clock in the morning it was pain. I was like ‘we need to start timing some contractions,’ and a few minutes later I woke Greg up and I said, ‘we need to start heading out to the hospital because I’m pretty sure that today’s the day,'” said Stephanie. “We were hoping to have her either on her due date or Greg’s birthday was the 27th, but everybody wanted her on leap year,” said Stephanie. But come 2024, it will be quite the party. “She’s pretty special,” said the couple. “She’s very special. So it makes us think it was meant to be that way.” Sophia will always be a ‘February baby,’ celebrating her birthday that month each year. The new parents say destiny may have played a little part. “Everybody called it. My cousin Sam, who was actually at the delivery, was beyond excited because she had called leap year day at three in the morning I would start, and that’s technically when it started, so she is claiming it,” said Stephanie. “She is definitely one of the biggest blessings ever,” said the couple.center_img “Whether it’s the 28th or the 29th, it will always be the last day of February. So then we can keep at least February and not confuse her growing up,” said Stephanie and Greg. “I think we’ll go more all-out for the actual birthdays. For her actual leap year birthday, maybe do something extra special, something bigger, go a little bit more with more money into it probably,” said Stephanie. But come Saturday morning, Stephanie had a feeling it was time. She was right. On February 29, Sophia was born at 10:16 in the morning, a day that comes once every four years. (WBNG) — Stephanie and Greg from Greene were expecting their baby girl to come into the world on Wednesday, February 26. A day that’s not on the calendar every year, but one that won’t be forgotten in the hearts of this little family.last_img

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