Are Race Car Drivers Athletes?

first_imgThere have been many commentaries about whether a race car driver is really an athlete or just someone driving a car.  Have you recently driven 500 miles without a break except to slow down?  Try driving a NASCAR around the track going  200 mph on a 30% banked surface.  I think if you did this, you would find out that these smallish men and women are pretty strong.  Most of them have a regular training routine that would put most of us to shame.  Add to this that occasionally they lose their power steering and have to turn these cars at high speeds with just the power in their arms.  If you are my age, you might remember driving trucks before power steering was invented.It has been pointed out that the Indy type car is much less of a physical grind than a mental grind.  These sleek vehicles require very little steering; but, at the speeds they are driving, the mental fatigue might be as tiring as the physical fatigue in other vehicles.  When the Indy 500 practice starts in a week or so, they will again be talking about how fast these cars can go before they become airborne.I do not have the final answer on how good an athlete these drivers are, but I know that most of them quit racing before they get the AARP magazine.  Enough said.last_img

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