Destiny DLC area discovered that Bungie wont let you play until 2015

first_imgWe’ve seen some accidental map drops from Destiny users that show off the coming DLC content, but it looks like the actual map areas have started to arrive in the game. There’s nothing in these areas for you to do just yet, but if you’re the type who enjoys a good pointless challenge you’ll be excited by the ability to reach at least one of the DLC zones.There’s clearly lots of work happening behind the scenes of Destiny, and curiously little bits of that work keep leaking out on to public-facing servers. This is a good thing overall, because it demonstrates that Bungie is working hard to tweak and change things in order to provide the best overall experience for players, but it does also raise a few eyebrows when it comes to the nature of upcoming DLC updates.One such example of these content leaks is a new map area that you can get to as long as you’re clever, but is that indicative of content that was deliberately removed to make charging for DLC seem like more than it really is?As you can see in the video, this is far from being easy to get to. While you can swap out triple jump with blink to get into this area, which is clearly an area we’ll see more of when the House of Wolves DLC is made available in 2015, the only thing you can do when you get there is recover a couple of Ghosts.It’s likely this is not the only hidden map area that was inserted into the game after the update, but most other places in the game will have this kind of content behind sealed doors instead of gravity lifts. These added areas don’t help the overwhelming notion that the content already existed and was removed to be sold as DLC, but with any luck there will be a lot more than a couple of map areas in those updates.last_img

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