MIT to Launch Dystopian Internet Game on Halloween

first_img MIT’s AI Knitting System Designs, Creates Woven GarmentsMIT, IBM Train AI to Create and Edit Fake Images Stay on target MIT’s 2018 Halloween experiment could be a devious trick or a brilliant treat.From the neural network that brought you the terror-inducing Nightmare Machine and macabre storyteller Shelley comes BeeMe — the first reality augmented game.“In times where algorithms make most of our decisions for us, one individual will entirely give up their free will for a day, to be guided by a large crowd of users through an epic quest to defeat an evil AI,” according to the MIT Media Lab project page.The mass online social exercise, dubbed “BeeMe,” begins on Oct. 31 at 11 p.m. ET.A screenshot from the BeeMe mass online social experiment (via MIT)“The event will follow the story of an evil AI by the name of Zookd, who has accidentally been released online,” Niccolò Pescetelli, who studies collective intelligence at MIT Media Lab, told Business Insider. “Internet users will have to coordinate at scale and collectively help the actor (also a character in the story) to defeat Zookd.“If they fail, the consequences could be disastrous,” he added.It appears that anyone with an Internet connection and Web browser can join in, leading an anonymous trained actor through an undisclosed location via crowd-generated commands.A screenshot from the BeeMe mass online social experiment (via MIT)Participants will work collectively as a “hive,” submitting custom orders (“open the door,” “run away,” “get on the bus,” etc.) and voting up or down those directions, Reddit-style.This is not an IRL version of The Purge, though; there are limits to what people can suggest.“Anything that violates the law or puts the actor, their privacy, or their image in danger is strictly forbidden,” Pescetelli said. “Anything else is allowed. We are very curious about what [is] going to happen.”A screenshot from the BeeMe mass online social experiment (via MIT)The experiment is expected to last two hours, ending around 1 a.m. ET. But, Pescetelli admitted, “it will be the audience who ultimately decides” how long it continues. (Just keep in mind, folks, that Halloween is on a school night.)A livestream of the event will be broadcast online; follow the game, and its creators, on Twitter.“BeeMe will redefine the way in which we understand social interactions online and in real life,” the project page said. “It will push crowdsourcing and collective intelligence to the extreme to see where it breaks down.”A screenshot from the BeeMe mass online social experiment (via MIT)In 2016, MIT Media Lab and Data 61 used two deep-learning algorithms to transform what most humans perceive as “idyllic” scenes—an Ikea catalogue, the Taj Mahal—into a slaughterhouse or inferno.The team one-upped itself last year with the introduction of a Twitter-based AI inspired by Frankenstein author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.More spooky coverage on ‘Island of Dolls’ Is a Halloween Nightmare Come TrueBest Scary Podcasts to Get You Ready for Halloween7 Horror Movies You Forgot Were Greatlast_img

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