Kuwaits Kout Food Group taps GetSwift for lastmile logistics technology

first_imgKuwait’s Kout Food Group taps GetSwift for last-mile logistics technologyPosted By: Guest contributoron: June 13, 2019In: Blog, Food, Foodservice, Innovation, TechnologyPrintEmailKuwait’s leading restaurant franchise operator, Kout Food Group, has tapped GetSwift (Australian Securities Exchange ticker: GSW) to provide some of the first technology-driven fast food delivery in the country for brands including Burger King, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.Kout Food Group, based in Kuwait City, operates dozens of restaurant franchises. They include 74 Burger Kings, 61 Pizza Huts, seven Taco Bells, nine Kababjis (a Lebanese chain), and many more serving quick, regional fare, according to its website.The deal is the first of its kind in Kuwait, which has had international fast-food restaurants for years but not a robust delivery system backed by technology.GetSwift, which is headquartered in New York, provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to clients worldwide for delivery of everything from food to cannabis in California to pool tables and billiard equipment.The company offers a suite of complementary services including staff scheduling, cash management, fleet management, analytics, and other key services needed to run an end-to-end logistics enterprise regardless of size or global geography.GetSwift’s platform is a natural fit in the Middle East, which has a culture and climate that are very conducive to dining at home. An emphasis on family and the potential for inhospitable weather conditions such as extreme heat or sandstorms lead many people in the region to seek food delivery.As a result, the food delivery market per capita is larger than in major economies such as the United States.Commenting on the deal, Kout Food Group deputy CEO Amin Mohamed said: “I can categorically state that not only do we now have a flexible and continually evolving platform that is best in class and fully supported by a dedicated, passionate and trustworthy partner in GSW management, we have fully a committed team to enhance its platform to offer unique solutions.“We have recommended and suggested the GSW solution to partners around the globe.”GetSwift has grown organically as well as through acquisitions, including the recent purchases of farm-to-table delivery management platform Delivery Biz Pro and Scheduling+, which offers a comprehensive suite of scheduling services for hourly-billed employees.Share with your network: Tags: fast-foodGetSwiftKout Food Grouplast_img

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