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Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, and I can’t sell one believes the outcome will be any different" Write to Mark Thompson at [email protected] gave President Donald Trump the $16 billion he wanted this year for his proposed "big beautiful" border wall with Mexico but the headline number masks what he didn’t get on one of his signature campaign promises Here are some questions and answers about the wall’s status: Trump talked up border security while signing a massive $13 trillion budget / REUTERS What did Trump get Trump got the $16 billion he sought for one year of funding but he wanted a long-term wall financing commitment In January the administration proposed $25 billion over 10 years for the wall in a package that would have included a path to citizenship for 18 million young immigrants and sharp cuts to legal immigration That effort failed Trump wanted to spend the $16 billion on 60 miles (96 kilometers) of new wall in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley the busiest corridor for illegal crossings and 14 miles (224 kilometers) of replacement in San Diego Instead he will get about 90 miles (144 kilometers) — more than what he sought — but the balance shifts more toward replacement wall than new miles and the money comes with strings attached What does the wall look like now What will it look like in a year Barriers currently blanket 654 miles (1046 kilometers) of the 1954-mile (3126-kilometer) border The bill will add about 33 miles (53 kilometers) in Rio Grande Valley bringing the total to 687 miles (1099 kilometers) It allows 25 miles (40 kilometers) of new wall made of levees in Rio Grande Valley for $445 million That’s 3 miles (5 kilometers) less than what Trump wanted because Congress declared the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in Texas off-limits to construction Congress is giving $196 million for new bollard-style barriers in Rio Grande Valley which encompasses more than 300 miles (483 kilometers) of river and cities including Brownsville and McAllen on Texas’ southern tip That money is expected to add 8 miles (13 kilometers) The bill sets aside $251 million to replace 14 miles (23 kilometers) in San Diego just as Trump asked It also marks $445 million for other replacement barriers The administration has not given mileage or locations but it is expected to provide 45 miles (72 kilometers) which averages to about $10 million a mile (16 kilometers) A recent replacement in the small town of Naco Arizona averaged just under $6 million a mile and replacement work that began last month in the small city of Calexico California will cost about $8 million a mile The Government Accountability Office estimates that new wall costs an average of $65 million a mile but terrain building materials and other factors influence costs The Rio Grande’s winding waters and lush vegetation are more challenging for erecting walls than Arizona’s flat deserts What strings are attached Aside from the construction ban in the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge the bill requires that wall construction this year sticks to existing designs that have proven effective The administration had planned to issue bidding guidelines that draw on elements of eight prototypes that were completed in San Diego in October The prototypes — four made of concrete and four of see-through steel — are about 30 feet (91 meters) high much taller than existing barriers Trump visited the prototypes this month and has expressed preference for a see-through capability heeding advice from senior Border Patrol officials Contracts for construction in Rio Grande Valley and San Diego have yet to be put out to bid but Trump promised quick action on the wall during a news conference Friday Next year the administration has requested $16 billion for 65 miles (104 kilometers) of new wall in Rio Grande Valley Trump’s repeated insistence that Mexico pay for the wall has gained no traction with Mexico’s leaders The effort is called Free Through Recovery and involves a partnership steered by human services and corrections officials working through a web of social service mental health religious and cultural organizations throughout North DakotaThe North Dakota Legislature has set aside $7 million to launch the initiative enough money to provide a wide array of support services for people on probation deemed at risk of once again ending up behind bars for problems arising from addiction or mental health issuesThe effort launches Thursday Feb 1 with participating service providers having the capacity to handle 600 offenders Results about outcomes will be reported and if the effort demonstrates success it could expand in future years"We have to get better results" said Judge Frank Racek presiding judge of the East-Central District Court based in Fargo "We want to actually reduce the number of crimes and resulting problems"Capt Andrew Frobig administrator of the Cass County Jail welcomes the initiative About half of the jail’s inmates he said are repeat offenders many with drug or alcohol problems who cycle through as many as six or even 10 times a year"I think it has potential" Frobig said noting Fargo has ample support services But he added: "The person has to want to get cured of their addiction They have to be a willing participant"Not enough jailsThe Free Through Recovery experiment follows years of rising corrections budgets including $64 million for construction and renovation of the North Dakota State Penitentiary and a mushrooming prison population which increased 32 percent over the decade ending in 2015Officials already grappling with a state system that was full confronted a projection that the penitentiary population could skyrocket 75 percent by 2025 doubling current prison capacity of 1479 beds"Prisons are a finite resource" said Lisa Peterson clinical director for the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation "We can’t keep building our way out of the problem"She compared the Free Through Recovery approach to an emphasis on preventive health instead of treating people with acute problems in the emergency room "It’s actually a community-based program" Peterson said "It’s not a prison-based program"Initially Free Through Recovery will target those who have been released on probation or parole and connect them to services aimed at helping them to rebuild their lives and prevent them from reoffendingAbout one in five North Dakota prison cells is occupied by an inmate locked up for violating probationThe drive to reduce imprisonment rates reflects widespread acknowledgement that a corrections system focused on punishment and confinement often fails to put a person on a successful path In fact by separating inmates from jobs and the support of family and friends jail or prison often exacerbates problems officials said"Criminalizing behavioral health isn’t helping anyone" said Pamela Sagness who directs behavioral health for the North Dakota Department of Human Services Imprisonment has impacts on lives beyond the person serving the sentence she added"What happens to the rest of the family" Sagness said Incarceration creates other problems including added pressures on foster care and other servicesTo achieve better results Free Through Recovery will assess probationers’ risks and needs A care coordinator will refer the person to any of a variety of local services including addiction counseling and other behavioral health servicesThrough coordinating and working together the intent is for local officials and service providers to fill gaps in clients’ needs to prevent them from going astrayIf it works that will be an improvement over the current system where probationers are essentially passed along from agency to organization often with little coordination Racek saidThe new approach which relies on social science research will require society and the criminal justice system to be more comfortable with a greater reliance on assessment and service coordination he saidOffenders who have been sentenced to probation are a logical population to start with Racek said "These are people already on probation" he said "What we have to do is keep them from failing"Peer mentors will helpIf the effort is successful North Dakota’s prison recidivism rate could drop from around 60 percent to the high 40-percent range Racek said "We’re not trying to eradicate it but reduce the problem" he added "In the course of that we have to make sure that the public is safe"Also rehabilitating non-violent offenders would allow more corrections space for violent and predatory criminals who should receive long sentences to protect the public"We want room in our prison for those offenders" Racek saidService providers will be rewarded for better outcomes through a pay-for-performance reimbursement program That’s a shift away from paying for delivering services regardless of results"Are our resources incentivizing sickness rather than wellness" Sagness saidThe pay-for-performance incentives will encourage providers to experiment until they find a way to succeed which could help to end the cycle of recidivism Frobig saidPeer mentors will play a major role in helping Free Through Recovery clients They are trained people who have overcome life experiences similar to those they’ll be helpingSandra Leyland president of Fraser Ltd, did it three times in his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.” Okonjo-Iweala appealed to the senators to consider amending the constitution to correct the present situation where recurrent expenditure took the bigger chunk of the money in the budget, there was still insistence on augmenting and sharing. Reports in the Pakistan media said Khan was accompanied by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Kochi’s airport has suspended operations until Sunday." replied Pistorius. "I sat over her, And private prison corporations should have to abide by the same disclosure requirements as government-run prisons and detention centers.

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