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“We have come through a very difficult period, S. Akhilesh Yadav, The judgment claims that the abolition of anti-sodomy laws in democracies worldwide (from Europe to Latin America to South Africa to Canada) is irrelevant because ?these judgments cannot be applied blindfolded for deciding the constitutionality of the law enacted by the shlf1314n legislature? Consider the logic here Britain exported an anti-sodomy law into shlf1314 in 1860 The shlf1314n legislature did not enact this law; it simply accepted it In 1967this law was abolished in England The abolition of the law in England is not relevantthe court would have us believebut somehow this archaic law imported from England remains relevant Most ancient societiesfrom Greece and Rome to shlf1314EgyptChina and Japanaccepted same-sex sexuality as one dimension of a wide erotic spectrum Same-sex relations were never unspeakable in shlf1314 as they were in Europenor were people engaging in same-sex acts ever executed in shlf1314 as they were in Europe Pre-colonial shlf1314n literature and art depict incidents of sex-change (now termed transgender/ transsexual) and erotic love between two men or two women (now termed gaylesbian or bisexual) One version of the 14th-century Krittivasa Ramayana tells the story of two womenChandra and Malawho make love in the rainy seasoninspired by Kamadeva; one becomes pregnant with divine blessing and has a heroic son Major poetssuch as Mir Taqi Mir and Najmuddin Shah Mubarak Abru wrote about male-male romances and sexual relationshipswhile others wrote about female-female amours that were explicitly sexual When they came to shlf1314many Britishers were shocked by the variety of sexual arrangements they found here They set out to impose their Victorian puritanical norms on shlf1314and to a large extent they succeededas demonstrated by the fact that many shlf1314ns today know nothing about the history of sexuality in shlf1314and therefore imagine that homosexuality was imported from the West Ironicallyit was homophobiathe irrational fear of homosexualitythat was imported from the Westand even more ironicallynow that the West is moving towards greater tolerancesome shlf1314ns want to embrace a sexual intolerance antithetical to our traditions More importantlysuch intolerance is antithetical to democracy Democracy is based on respecting every individuals right to libertydignity and privacy so long as these do not harm any other individual or national interest Democracy also requires protecting minorities against the irrational prejudice of the majority Criticising the Delhi High Courts 2009 judgment which established the right of consenting adults to have sex in privatethe SC states that a miniscule [sic fraction of the countrys population constitute lesbiansgaysbisexuals or transgenders? about the doctor being named in the incident.

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