Shanghai dragon Er need to write a good article from which angle

core point accurate positioningIt is important to

Er of Shanghai Longfeng heard to write text, will certainly feel stressful, even painful. We do not know whether you have this feeling, I deeply feel the pain, when the leadership of the company to when I write text, I am very tangled, because they do not know how to write, do not know how soft is a soft paper to meet the needs of users. After reading a lot about how to write text books, but to write a soft or a headache, the main reason is to write their own soft simply can not achieve good results. Until today brother Lou loose answer, only see light suddenly finally understand from what point of view, to write soft

to write good soft, accurate positioning of the needs of users is the most important point, if the demand for user positioning allowed, then write out the soft, but not in a good, but not the needs of users, firmly grasp the user’s heart, so that the soft is garbage article, for the needs of users we can go to get this data from multiple perspectives, such as from the drop-down box web traffic love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai know bidding customer market survey >


second: write text to write soft text from the customer’s perspective, all must abide by the principle of customers first, rather than the product first, or it will be advertising.

The first point:

1. to become the industry to do the prophet

Two I believe that many

soft core view, write in the soft, if there is no core ideas, like writing write wide of the mark. This article is definitely a failure, because the user does not know what is in your writing, users do not have the patience to guess what is the core of your point of view, because they are very busy. In ensuring the core viewpoint of outstanding time also must pay attention to the best point of view is a soft text is a core point of view, if there is a variety of core ideas can will be in an article for the users to feel the confusion is not professional.

on how to write a good article many of my friends are feeling confused, the main reason is not aware of their industry, as we do in Shanghai dragon friend, how do not understand the situation of the industry. How could he have Shanghai Longfeng similarly, well, if you want to write text, but for the industry, the company’s products basic information, market conditions are not understood. This is impossible to write a accord with the needs of the user can write some soft Wen, abruptly advertising articles, so soft and not stand in the user’s perspective to write. So to write good soft Wen, first we need to position themselves as a prophet of industry. If the industry does not know how to write soft does not bind

3. accurate positioning

in the loose brother talked about write a good article.


soft core point is only a little bit too much, the core will appear the more confusion, is not professional.

With the requirements of

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