Link exchange is very simple to learn this three points to increase capacity

hope that the above 3 points to help in changing the link Oh (web game list 2011 top ten: 贵族宝贝tmxw贵族宝贝/  


) !

second: a collection of

all right!Summary: new link!

is the best snapshot overnight, ha ha! That overnight high weight, but you will find that sometimes do not observe overnight, does not mean that this site is very bad, I often see some big websites have snapshot every 2-3 days, this is normal! I was once a month snapshot stay in in March (the August), I am also very anxious, but don’t rush this is not what we say, then update or restore! And home snapshot March, keyword ranking is still retained in the very front, so here think in general every 3 days or so snapshot link

normally, every day we will take a few minutes to find some sites to exchange Links, so when we want to change the link to choose? I want some conventional method here is not just the way to talk more about with you! Is mainly based on personal experience to talk about my views:

correlation here does not exclude recognized, which is the other side of the site and our site belong to the same, such as games, music, news and information! Followed by the contents of the original, this problem is very hard to say! Now the search engine although the original love but not as an original website can get good rankings! For example, a new update everyday and original, there is a large reprint a few articles they estimate will soon be able to get good rankings! So I think here, as it is not the original station is not the most important thing you can see the weight.

choose to change your links and content is the main choice of the snapshot, select snapshot, content and website weight when the old station for the

also included here does not rule out recognized the more the better, but also not included the more the better! Such as Sina a two level domain name itself only a few hundred pages of course also included only so much, but his weight is the best! That included several hundred million in his example, the content is what an article it can be a page he will be divided into 10 pages. This included more useless ah! So, I think it is judged according to the website, not good or less good

: first

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