Website important details flow is easy to overlook the 404 page guide

appear in the view of other love Shanghai home page keyword ranking under such circumstances, the site overnight flow decreased from more than 500 to more than 40. I urgently set 404 pages, and 10 seconds countdown jump. The following data is revised and added to the traffic flow changes last night after the change of 404 page:



website each attached to the place is not the same, the programmer attention after the revision of the function is more perfect. UI art can take the website color closer to the. And we will be responsible for Shanghai dragon face search engine problems and guide the old visitors to the new site. Just imagine, the website included million pages, and these pages between the night turned into a full page does not exist, in the 404 page is not ready, the search engine will be how to deal with the site, visitors to enter the new website. So can not ignore the 404 page revision control the details. The leaves web game 贵族宝贝yeziba贵族宝贝 handwritten original, reproduced please keep the source

, thank you!

has recently experienced a change, because the 404 page is not set, and a lot of traffic loss. Because itself is included page more than 40 thousand, revision of the result is the page links are changed, the original was collected page has become a dead link. If a manual page set up 302 or 301 jump, it will be more terrible things. This is a revision of keywords ranking is love Shanghai station home page, and then click the error page map:

just entered the Shanghai dragon this soon, back into the website do not act million, can not change the idea of trying not to change. It seems that in fact is not. Stagnant in the intense competition situation, that means backward. The revision may bring some impact, but if you do the detail work, the loss of the flow will be under control. However, we tend to forget this step of the revision of the 404 page control.

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