Japan’s well known Shanghai dragon forever share everything about Japan Shanghai Longfeng Wangzhuan

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Kunaga: Well, but I think this information is not enough, also need a lot of revelations. For example, why Taobao and Taobao are cheap, sell some strange and eccentric things can be broke, of course this is just a

permanent (deputy head)

friends: also, 3721 made, it does not now.

July 23, 2011 10:00 Japan Shanghai dragon famous Shanghai Longfeng /SEM expert Kunaga came to Beijing Shanghai dragon team broadcast live, the live is the theme of Kunaga to tell you what he knew about Zhuan, all Japan Shanghai dragon, the permanent to bring us the example is "if I want to do, how to profit, what theme" for example to share experience is a very practical and convincing method, and on-site interaction with users finishing.


introduction: permanent of Japan in 2005. The study on hyperplastic with ma. Now the Japanese enterprises in the job, of all clubs in 10 in Shanghai Longfeng industry massively, beginning this study ~ ~ hyperplastic. Especially,, search, or Tokyo, in Japan on continued optimization in this study by cancer and in all of the ~ masu San and an election, and fierce second course., Na, RA on AC or promote Chinese ICDRG: ~ masu. Better on the last national nursing period in. You may live on the appropriate environmental ICDRG: ~ masu.

Chinese in Japan, Japan in 2005 to study, now spent 6 years, now working in a Japanese company, because of the need to start learning Shanghai dragon related knowledge, there is a certain understanding of the depth of the Japanese Shanghai dragon, a member of the Japanese National Association of Shanghai dragon. Is committed to building the Sino Japanese cultural exchange platform, have a deep understanding of the Japanese society.


users: Japan does not have KAKAKU? Also broke the news of Taobao

Kunaga: I am in Japan, a goal is to build a large site between China and Japan, but what I want to make this website theme to discuss with everyone, now many Japanese were eager to learn about the Chinese, and Chinese, also want to know the situation in Japan, and now China development environment is very good, very famous in the world, on speculation China concept.

: I do think that women’s website, the high consumption of women, and travel information is also good, China and Japan and other countries, but what can I say, that the female aspect of station is difficult to do on-line, if successful if interest is very high. It was definitely


Kunaga: Yes, but KAKAKU only provides product price, only to the reference value. And we provide the information on various aspects of information. But network things, is a means of speculation, speculation information. Do not look at the results of

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