How to through the statistical data analysis tool to reduce website jump out rate

appears as shown in figure

home love Shanghai Encyclopedia:

: a website by the user welcome

this is love Shanghai statistics users within a week to search the word down from the weaker demand of search suggestions. When we click love Shanghai to search, look at the front page (love Shanghai bidding site except)

2: Web site or website belong to fraud (such as spinach, grey cards, brush and so on)

we are not satisfied in the demand analysis station before, must first know how to analyze site needs

love ShanghaiThen

for everyone to talk about what impact on high bounce rate website optimization ranking from

Keywords analysis of "a machinery enterprise website labeling machine" in the search box enter Shanghai love

home love Shanghai encyclopedia under the hc360贵族宝贝 is shown in figure

users have the price of demand on the labeling machine labeling machine! Users need to know the price of different models, then we must reflect the web page type labeling machine price


4: the website open speed slow, general users into the site 3-5 seconds open to the basic content, quickly close the site off this site almost 100% of the bounce rate, so many colleagues websites on the Internet, the user can not be patient to wait for your website content cache


love Shanghai!

through the love of Shanghai Baike labeling machine is according to different segments of the specific function, in the layout of home two navigation demand Reference Encyclopedia

two: station unmet demand

shows that new users unfamiliar with labeling machine, labeling machine user information search needs (this may need to see the working principle of labeling machine or other requirements) then inside our website according to the labeling machine demand Reference Encyclopedia

let us first labeling machine

3: browsing experience is very poor, the station is full of advertising, advertising effects and even some users browse the

?The following


2016 personal webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng commissioner has just released the chain on how to update the article and so on, the site below the new Internet environment is difficult to survive, in 2016 the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, if we still stay in the old ideas, not what data analysis then we beat the competition how to make the site, get a good ranking of


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factor: 1: love Shanghai has a period of testing to the railway station, the general site in the assessment period, the credibility is very low, so the site is not what the audience

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