How to restore love Shanghai

snapshot, snapshot of how to restore

does not update the snapshot stop how to restore

third update of website content, website content update rule does not refer to the updated every day can be, today 100 tomorrow update, update eight or nine articles, this is a typical update, update the force should be uniform, probably in a range of values fluctuate, such as myself is 50 then, update the content of forty to 60, the update is not the law is responsible for the website snapshot not update.

see from the above four points, not updated snapshot solutions at a glance, keep the original content of the high quality of the update, the chain released high quality guide the spider crawling your site here, with a good website server, a week can restore the snapshot.

second, site outside the chain of high quality, the chain said here contains a chain and distribution chain, the site is not the chain the more the better, only high quality of the chain will bring a positive effect on the website snapshot. Waste too much the chain, will only cause the snapshot is not updated, the garbage chain contains a snapshot has not updated the friends of the chain, as well as through the mass chain, the chain of brush. How to send the chain, you need to know. See how many competitors in the same industry chain.

snapshot problem is nothing more than two kinds, stop snapshot not update, snapshot and no home page snapshot. In order to share my views on the following two kinds of optimization in Shanghai dragon.

To understand why

give you a snapshot and fast page analysis;

snapshot not update priority is to understand why this is the case, so as to solve the problem quickly. There are four reasons in my opinion not updated snapshot.

last week should be crazy Shanghai dragon forum leader Wang Yongjin invited to speak out an open class, the topic is "how to restore love Shanghai, although the snapshot is busy, but today is Sunday, so I will back my love Shanghai snapshot suddenly thought share with everyone, I think we have to believe that the love of Shanghai at the same time, but also to how to face the ups and downs of the website.

first, original content is not high, the original content is not high decided the site was in favor of the degree of love in Shanghai. Only by constantly fresh blood, will be repeated the spider crawling. Love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the original, repetition is too large, the content is no longer a commonplace talk of an old scholar be given good treatment.

fourth, the objective reason of the server, the host believe everyone knows the importance of. Imagine visiting spider night time, the server is not stable to hang, how can crawl to your site, it will obviously not updated snapshot, included in the page down. The most sad is linked to the server, the data directly lost before the sub page no longer exists, can not recover the data, it will be more serious.

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