One this can also restore the site right down

in Shanghai dragon industry turmoil in 2012, more or less can always see such help: the site is K? Why website included normal, ranking all? There is no site drop right back case…… Reform in the face of love Shanghai ", which make snap" webmaster can guarantee has survived! Well, not much to say, people see is how to recover directly.

we found that in the fierce competition of the Shanghai dragon medical industry, comparative data station on the same day, with the WWW domain name is obviously right down state; without a WWW domain name has been restored, and there is a certain rank! Many veterans know, recently love Shanghai smart, abandon the 6.22 large-scale "also the K station, learned 10.23 collective right down" tenderness". Compared to the K station, right down to let us have a hope of recovery, is not normal included? So, what is the webmaster do

we first understand a concept: that is, with the difference between WWW and non www domain name. The study found that without WWW is a domain name, WWW is one of its two level domain name, but is a special (user habits) two domain name. We generally put WWW and WWW without the domain name to the same site, access to the content is the same. Of course, can also be made into different sites. In the end this website right down what recovery directly above:



short, now do nature, not to fight outside the chain, included (and quality) of the old times, all nature is good. The frustration is not terrible, may turn on a new discovery. Ya decoration, the best decoration company in Hefei, Admin5 first, please remember us: www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝


on the one hand, a good attitude to the owners, maintaining the status quo. Site drop right is not terrible, terrible is his career and even give up. There is a state of mind, everything is possible. After many webmaster found 10.23, low quality Links there is better than nothing, even outside the chain of high quality and low quality there is better than nothing, the anchor link is better than nothing… The related optimization nature, more interaction and interoperability. Finally, related links can be replaced without the WWW of a domain name.

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