How will the new with the old site keywords and does not affect the ranking

"the old content" refers to the site already exists in the content, the content may be used for the promotion of a keyword and write articles, there may be a question answering system in question and answer, may also be a post forum.

webmaster can write new content for the new keywords, and then promote it with internal links, optimize it with external links. This is the most common method is the most effective method, the equivalent of our operating a new vocabulary.

for the new keywords, Shanghai dragon Er still can be optimized using conventional methods, such as specifically for the new keywords with related articles, external links promotion, can also adopt a more flexible way of operation of new words, it is the use of existing resources to do the content or the promotion of new words.

for the new production of content and promotion of


from the Nantong Shanghai Dragon (www.banzhu Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) a branch of feeds, starting A5, reproduced please specify.


are around a not previously optimized keywords in the discussion, using the existing resources, the webmaster can adjust the content structure, method and point to use internal and external link to the direct use of the previous content to operate the new keyword ranking.

webmaster in Shanghai dragon in the process, often encounter the need to dig out the new words added to the existing site, some clients, some owners through the statistical analysis of the data found, but we are afraid to add new keywords to the site will bring influence, will make the existing keyword ranking in fact, as long as the master of the decline, a certain method, these concerns are superfluous.


has a unique new keyword operation method is the use of existing resources, for "old" new content "".

Common method of existing resources do new keywords using

overall, we should use the correct methods of operation, so that the site has been in a state of progress, and only continue to progress, it is possible to obtain the success of the site.

owner in Shanghai Longfeng process usually found in this operation effect much better than to do the new content of the promotion of new words.

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