Keywords analysis of web layout and cut word love sea

but in the actual case, most of the time, the search is divided completely, ranking is better than words. The reason for this situation is the weight between the two pages are not equal, such as love Shanghai know "and a new page, even if a new" how exactly match, a part of keywords ranking does not catch up with Shanghai, "love to know the ranking.

now I search keywords "singles online dating platform", and then view the results of the love Shanghai snapshot, you will see, if the page appears within the complete search keywords, the snapshot will not give other love Shanghai such as the emergence of "single" and "dating platform", "online dating" plus background these words will not count to the page keyword density among.

I have optimized a dating of the site, here with the keyword as an example.

in the website structure optimization, and can be divided into two parts: the more detailed keywords layout optimization framework and a single web site. I share here is my understanding and experience of the details of the page keyword layout optimization.

"single – dating sites to find a boyfriend and girlfriend friends online dating platform

in search engine optimization industry, as everyone knows, the optimization of a web site can be divided into internal and external optimization optimization, and internal optimization can be divided into two parts, one is the site of the original, high quality content, improve the structure of the website is two.

to do a web page keyword layout, the first host is to understand the major search engines cut words (also called word or word) rules, different search engines have different cutting rules of words, here is to love to introduce Shanghai as an example.

two, Shanghai to cut the word "Love rules

if there is no complete web search keywords, such as just a > respectively.

, a key cutting impact on the ranking of

here are the two method of the title of the page:

if your target keyword is "single dating", apparently in front of the title is perfectly matched with keywords, write two part of law is divided into "single" and "friends" behind the words, in two pages the same weight, do not consider the page description and the case in front of the title you should write more than subsequent ranking advantage.

"singles online dating, online dating platform to find a girlfriend to find a boyfriend

similarly, description and text portion of the page two of the weight of the same page, keywords, keywords than completely separate more ranking advantage.

even so, we in the face of a web page keyword layout, we should try to make the target keywords to optimize the match.

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