The thinking of website snapshot brings

second guess: in fact, Never mind website snapshot of the correction to the content of the web site, or that the relationship is not significant, but with the "mistakes" about whether the site. Now this site situation is roughly such website, make a mistake, be love customs into a small dark room "labor reform", Shanghai love the site of the "image" return to a "good image" before, then the following story is this: site in Xiaoheiwu during the "labor reform" good performance to get the approval, love Shanghai, love Shanghai re sent to the site a "good", but also follow the update site snapshot.

Each new

reads as follows:


(see the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/54


but in fact no matter the first conjecture also.

really is such a feeling of website snapshot updates should be such a process: the site has to be updated to love, love Shanghai spider spiders in Shanghai that the important index to establish new update, snapshot update. If this logic holds, so it needs to be snapshot thinking. Now the reason how this website snapshot is obviously should hang up some external links rather than content, to know how this site was originally a right down the site, recently used to save the original back, the content on the website is not bad to go. Found the website snapshot now to write this article from October 7th – October 17th, at least ten days, every day of the original site update one to two articles, update personal guarantee quality is absolutely no problem, love Shanghai included sustained growth solution illustrates this point, but is still continuing to update snapshot this time, we guess what is a

crawl the web page or a new check, we will have the important degree and its timeliness value at different speeds to create index according to the snapshot, usually said the updated index of time, often important updates ", we will create the index at a faster rate.

some time ago but in the hands of a dozen dead engraving machine site outside the chain, leading to keywords ranking all hung up, at the same time snapshot. Talking about this thing to feel awful, of course, today is not to Tucao this event, mainly through the snapshot things but remember a love of Shanghai on the website snapshot announcement had ever seen, love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot is updated according to the "web site has important content update" to judge.

first guess: the website lose important chain, causing the site to enter the review period. But this cannot explain the snapshot. The chain effect of the previous snapshot not update the website but also encountered similar, but the snapshot basically five or six days again updated, not like this website now so serious, for ten days.

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