Optimization of dotting reveal six details related to the optimization effect

program in the design to take into account the future owners need setting optimization in the program for a variety of optimization element setting function, at the same time these procedures can provide continuous improvement and updating, especially with the increase of the amount of use, search engine to give it the natural weight corresponding to high this is the use of the new program, not mature incomparable, it is recommended that you will be in the selection process considering the optimization of long-term demand, leading to the starting point.

in Shanghai and noble baby algorithm system, there is an unwritten rule is to consider the site open speed and stability of a space, the problem often can not open or open speed too slow is not conducive to the user access to the space, the regular downtime is absolutely not the favour of search engine so, you missed the high weight and weight, to get good score, use a stable and fast space is the best choice, if you can have a separate IP is the icing on the cake.


, a web applicationMature

three, Title and Description write

has been, I will insist on this view: "the optimization effect is able to upgrade, Shanghai dragon Kung Fu are reflected in the details." We should not be over the pursuit of quantity, at the macro scale, but should take more effort and time are placed on top of the grasp of the details and implementation. For the optimization of object – site, its structure complex is not complicated, that simple is not simple, especially for the Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization, the site elements split into a seemingly simple details, and then set the corresponding details, from zero to enhance the overall effect of the whole. Optimization.

site of Title and Description is a search engine to crawl web content first screening and assessment of the place, often gathered here the main website keywords, some owners mistakenly thought more and more in the keyword density can obtain higher weights to evaluate search engines, these ideas and practices in fact would be counterproductive, everything we should pay attention to the right degree, Title general in 80 words or less, and the length of Description in less than 200 words, keywords are.

The Details about the optimization effect of

element on the website of the distribution aspect from the site of the code structure, the "hardware", to the website of the keyword set, Title and Description, as well as writing columns and keywords in the page content layout, and then to the internal links between the web content, and enhance the search engine friendliness tool application, are for the optimization process should attach great importance to and do the details of. Combined with the experience in the summary of the six effects of the optimization effect of details to share with you, hope to get everyone’s attention to the beneficial inspiration to Shanghai dragon play.

two, stable and fast

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