Some understanding on how to carry out B2B website optimization

General batch registration

registered user name on these platforms, and you have to send the information of the same or similar products. For example, if you want to in these platforms, a registration of imported Mercedes Benz shops. You can set the name registered shops for imported Mercedes Benz Pinyin mode, namely "jinkoubenchi" or imported Mercedes Benz followed by some digital Pinyin mode. Because your registration is successful, the shops will have a two level domain name, such as "you successfully registered in the Alibaba jinkoubenchi, enter your registered shops, a domain name usually under the Alibaba name, love Shanghai spider over, see your import Benz domain name in the Alibaba below, you will be very popular shops. Said Great trees are good for shade., so you can in the relatively high weight of the "tree", were you the first step in Shanghai dragon.

with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the domestic industry platform more and more, more and more refined. Speaking of some industry platform, integrated large Alibaba, HC, Marco Polo, these are comprehensive B2B website. While some industry platform website refinement we referred to as the vertical platform, such as car class car net, car home decoration, the building decoration Chinese net, this kind of platform is B2C mode, so the website traffic in general, many will be higher than comprehensive site traffic. Because these sites directly face the user, in contrast to the relatively clear customer search.

for large B2B industry website, Shanghai general love to their weights are relatively high. Coupled with their own platform for daily updates, so their rankings are relatively stable. These sites in order to have more traffic, they usually have a free registration function. So for some businesses, they can make full use of the advantages of the platform, released a free information on their platform. For often send people, often have such doubts. The same time the registration number in not platform, background update frequency is almost the same, why some can be included in search engines, some in the search engine there is no echo? Actually to publish information on the comprehensive website platform there are still a few tips. Today I will talk about how businesses on the B2B website for some understanding of Shanghai dragon, the hope can give you some reference.

, a registered name and the product name is closely related to


a lot of people know the registration on these platforms, but why has not been registered, the search engines do? In fact for Shanghai dragon people, this is a normal phenomenon. Can’t you registered, and released the information, it must be included. What would need some time included. I would like to introduce you a little trick, this way you can make a lot of effort. In fact, you can choose to shop early registration, batch registration. For example, you can register the imported Mercedes Benz, ten.


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