Correct attitude to face the challenges of the future of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners

optimization cheating in a specific environment is a success, it is on the basis of their ability to use key sensitive algorithm vulnerabilities, but often just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. The search engine invested a lot of energy on the site value and user experience, that through the purchase of the chain of cheating really brings to the enterprise good income, make a lot of hard work of the webmaster tears ran, affect the Internet fair. With the love of Shanghai to increase foreign chain cheating efforts blow, especially yesterday launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm, the super chain link website, intermediary, sell buy links has brought huge earthquake effect, which greatly reduces the influence on the optimization of cheating in the chain, effectively safeguarding the justice of the internet.


last night in Shanghai so I love fine year after blundering mood to see a glimmer of hope, days of efforts finally won the harvest. Engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work all know, want to survive must improve the keywords ranking and flow, a solid foundation for the next step of the marketing. The lack of industry standards for some webmaster from time to time using the algorithm of holes of cheating, let formal do stand frustrated with extension optimization cycle test each practitioner’s endurance, especially in optimizing website but the duration of 1 to 3 months of small changes, it is easy to let the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix in the internal and external pressure feeling no hope of website optimization in the re shuffling of today, how to battle in the future need to think about each practitioner carefully.

Shanghai dragon a seemingly easy job, every day with published articles, under the observation data on the line, not to run all day, but do not need a lot of manual labor, just a finger on the keyboard can be a day. Industry rise to development often reflect a requirement of the times, but also need to create a website optimization benefits for enterprises to survive, especially in basic knowledge is known, practitioners increased competition today, wants to develop must work hard every day. Some owners develop occupation habits, open the computer first construction is to detect the website data, see the optimization effect at the same time improve the deficiencies. With the search engine to accelerate the pace of reform, the website value and user experience has become the focus, the major search engines also change their own algorithms to provide users with the best quality service. Hard to keep in front of the computer every day, follow the prescribed order sit the necessary work, can the performance of the site is very suck hard, how long has been ranked keywords stop or even reverse the things that have happened, some rely on cheating website is in the front row, you looked not annoying annoying


search engine in order to encourage everyone from the user’s point of view in the website optimization, website optimization promotion period, some unknown reason Shanghai often feel frustrated and helpless dragon. In the website optimization would be ranked in the shortest world, take the optimization strategy blindly, lots of pictures can not make proper treatment, the internal structure of the site a mess, the value of the site can not be guaranteed, only from the angle of technology improve the optimization effect, ignore the.

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