Shopping card diagnosis recycling site Shanghai dragon ranked poor

One reason:

today we from Shanghai dragon training college selects a "shopping card recycling website" the question reply alone. The basic information about the site of the first web site at www/dzkawu/com, built in time for the November 18 day (today), the Oregon cnservers company of American space, love Shanghai included the amount of 78, love Shanghai chain 129. Shanghai love weight is 1, Google PR value is 4. OK, the ranking of the shopping card recycling website "Shanghai dragon of the cause of poor diagnosis, hope that through the following the diagnosis to help you improve the site optimization of Shanghai dragon. Is Shanghai dragon do section for the webmaster support feedback.


four: website original content is not high. Check your website through part of the article, the content of a particular commodity introduction content for the copy or false original. In addition the content of your essay is a lot.

two: the station did not achieve pseudo static, to a certain extent affected the spider crawling. Although the love Shanghai spider crawling ability is more and more strong, the official also clearly shows that for the dynamic link can crawl, but under the same conditions, the resistance is lower than the static link crawling dynamic link. To reduce the resistance, also increases the probability of spider crawling, beneficial to the website of Shanghai dragon ranking.

three: website head three big label writing is not standardized. The TITLE tag is best not to direct accumulation of keywords, keywords can be into a sentence, but not more than 30 words. The Description Description Tag although not the rankings calculation, but it was very important for the user experience, the best written a popular event into the text, which can effectively improve the user’s click rate. The Keywords tag usually has two methods: one is the direct removal of another is not to write, write some words to do the main, but not directly on your main keywords.


recently, Shanghai dragon training institute was unpopular, many webmaster friends have posted problems their own websites, seek solutions. Shanghai dragon training school always adhere to a principle: as long as there are people in the Shanghai dragon training college hair problem seeking help, we will be the first time to reply, and on some typical problems out with independent post reply.


site open speed slow, all home loaded 7 – 8 seconds, users don’t feel very well. Slow speed is the common American space, plus your home data is large, the more influence the speed of opening the website. Recommended in the station should choose a high quality domestic space, space, space as fast as possible.

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