Shanghai Longfeng care be careful may inadvertently right down the website

service, the company’s technology in order to prevent the site was attacked (because the electricity supplier website, attack more), to do a website to strengthen security measures: the use of cookie authentication if the attacker access to the web site, the web site status code is 302, and if it is normal access the return code is 200, which is the basic principle, because more related to technology, Peng Jinjie did not do not display slight skill before an expert, repeat.

this way I have not seen, only some of the black hat means according to some rules of search engine and knowledge to make the inference, and can not fully convince technical staff, therefore, the follow-up discussion in Shanghai Longfeng issued related QQ group, the final conclusion is not recommended to use.

small 2 years through the station and Shanghai Longfeng experience, actually found 301, 302 jump irregular may cause drop right case many, not just small sites, large sites may also exist, so Shanghai Longfeng personnel should pay attention to, Xiao Bian here will be small in.

follow-up, communicate with our technical staff to follow through, understand and communicate with technical personnel and other website operation and maintenance personnel will be well aware of the specific measures of anti attack principle and small misunderstandings: in fact, search engine and user access when the status code is 200, not after a jump, and other such as attack robot, webmaster tools, query and access when the status code is 302, so this is not a problem of deception and the 302.

A company before



but this set is the consequence of: I in the webmaster tools HTTP status code inspection, the entire site is in the 302 state. So I had a question: since the site is 302, and set the search engine to the 200 state, so it can be understood as: users visit the web site when the page is 302 "; and" into the search engine is not after 302 jump page, the user enters the website before the 302 page 302 and search engine into, can be understood as a different page, is a deception of search engines; even a 302 jump before and after URL and web content is the same, but the real situation is the use of 302, this is not recommended by search engine usage, is not friendly (can that is the black hat "website address redirection" and "cloaking" combination).

I cite the example above, is to tell you that Shanghai Longfeng personnel should be careful, many people always complain that their Shanghai Longfeng site is down right, K, but not carefully check the site on their own, perhaps one detail is to lead you down the right site reason, as in the above example, if when the user visit is really after 302 jump, then no doubt this will give website bring risks, may cause the site right down.

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