Analysis why WeChat search always not touch the lifeblood

second, the large public content difficult task. As previously mentioned, WeChat search are sharing the large public, that for many users, from the media’s influence will make you more willing to search for relevant text information. But it is not only for the user is not interested in the internal WeChat desktop search share things, even large itself also has many problems. Because in my opinion, the number of public resources are very rich, but cannot maintain their unique sex, which means that in addition to WeChat’s internal environment to share, will fall in love with the sea, that is to say when the readers see a good article to open on the computer in a public number, love Shanghai. Can meet his demand, without the use of the so-called WeChat search. So WeChat search has been advocating high quality will become empty talk. This is a direct result of WeChat search is actually a false proposition, cannot be realized for users docking. Not to mention some large internal but also the related search function, even without this function, some users will rely on the collection of labels, do finishing, for some specific articles in the course of contacts, the value of WeChat search and where

then, the development environment of WeChat search is not ideal. Throughout the entire circle of friends WeChat value >

with good on-line search, search the market for products once again ignited the heat. But in the process of making the brand a good search and particularly emphasizes the importance of the mobile terminal. This makes us wonder mobile search product form perfection is a great development after the point. It will have to mention WeChat a year before the launch of the WeChat search, compared to before the launch of the pursuit, now everyone seems to have no concern of WeChat search, and many other functions like micro shop, although based on the current most popular mobile products, but failed to make the development of the door, so we have to ask why WeChat search seemingly bright future is always unable to meet

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first, the internal WeChat search on demand. It can be said on the line all along WeChat search did not do a detailed plan for the hot market, the development prospects of all is the operator you want to. ". Think in the huge circle of users, with the increase in demand for information, WeChat search should become hot. But in the actual operation process, WeChat search to see a lot of hidden problems. The first is the micro search traffic will be a lot of large public trapped in the mobile terminal, users may prefer to directly view the field of public accounts instead of the search results, and the search efficiency after all this hook, second WeChat search is to rely on large public generated content, thought by the natural forces to take convenient the search method can bind the user, but the micro search architecture on the desktop Sogou two directory is a flawed, imagine who in order to search on WeChat, and specifically to the use of the Sogou? Body needs and public conflict micro search more difficult to achieve direct binding to the user. The titular became deserved.

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