The different fate of the site of Shanghai dragon head

I learned that Shanghai dragon like everyone was self-taught. At that time I did not know what training institutions like the Shanghai dragon. The overall bubble in Shanghai dragon why forum. Although seldom but still want to thank Shanghai Longfeng why so you can learn and can send the chain forum.

went to the optimization of a person is not responsible for. The manager in the sales department was a person with me to another office. The members did not know that the poor sales or not love is the sales website optimization anyway. She don’t understand so before the optimization of the website came after I told her in detail about our main task. Gradually she also started. Then finally move to a person.

products later miraculously sold out. Then the company I couldn’t stay. In October of last year to resign. Stayed at home for twenty days. These twenty days I’m also looking for a job. One day a corporation, a consulting firm in Shanghai to call me. I’ve come here for an interview. I do not know what they need positions. The second day is muddleheaded to interview.

I just learning Shanghai Longfeng time companies have what thing, so the whole is doing their own thing. And friends during the work together to make a stand, and then optimization. Do good. Maybe this time, many people will say. On the side of work while doing their own thing is not a good sign. Exactly。 But I this station or for the sale of our products.

went to the interview, no company hall one. I saw a more than 20 year old man in front of the computer, explained what he told me to sit down for a while after. While holding a material to me. Then he said he knows Shanghai Longfeng, holding his friend to his problem. Then I asked a. I have a answer. There are several problems I’ve never heard of, also in accordance with the actual situation said. Because I do not understand. Cannot smatter. Then look at the company’s website, the company website is mainly small classified information network. When I look at the key words are written. Asked me if I could do it. I can say. Later said about salary. This time to know the company positions is the site optimization engineer. This is what we usually say Shanghai dragon head. My salary is 2500 yuan a month plus commission. To tell the truth this treatment does not meet my expectations. Probably it was eager to find work so the treatment I didn’t say what. The second day the company called me second days to go to work.

The day

I graduated in 2010 from an unknown school. After graduation is engaged in the construction site work. Unfortunately there is no big company. Enter a small little company. Inside is mainly responsible for the customer site. Now it seems that I did not do the material. Then slowly start to gradually transition Shanghai dragon.