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book in Shanghai Longfeng general practitioners’ questions, often discuss problems, easily overlooked details and common error theory, the content contained in the Shanghai dragon industry conducted in-depth discussions, make readers more clearly understand the Shanghai dragon and the operational thinking. The book is divided into two categories: one is discussed in detail for the various problems according to their true, rich experience of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon involved, including the basic principle, analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng operation method, commonly used tools for data analysis, competitor analysis, practical case website data analysis guidance Shanghai Longfeng knowledge thinking comprehensive use of Shanghai dragon team building, the common interpretation of Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon industry thinking; the other is the author invited industry frontline practitioners from various aspects of dry cargo sharing, a multi angle, multi thinking, multiple forms of experience in all aspects to analyze the reader those things like Shanghai Shanghai dragon and related web site operators.

Shanghai is a dragon needs good strategy and strong execution of the work, this book focuses on love ruffian Rui Shanghai the principle, strategy and implementation details of all aspects of Shanghai Longfeng discussion is very clear, in place, and also discussed the application of many Shanghai dragon in disguise in website promotion operation, has a high learning and reference value. We recommend after carefully read the contents of this book, and the discussion of the contents of the book to the actual use work, only practice can only realize the value of the book.

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Shanghai dragon from the whole structure are analyzed thoroughly, is very suitable for beginners to read a book from simple deep into guide books. Advanced system optimization study, from the point to popularize the knowledge of practical application, is no longer a simple analysis to the principle is the most ready to accept either course, valuable, this point is in place to consider ruffian rui. This book answers many SEO practitioners suspected "

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