The forum outside the chain has invalid ordinary webmaster how to do external optimization work

love Shanghai released outside the chain of information since there is a part of the site has closed the forum signature chain, these websites practice is nothing but love in response to the voice of Shanghai, but for ordinary people they have lost outside the chain of distribution channels, especially for some part-time webmaster is hit, because they unable to find the next external web site optimization.

has been gradually love Shanghai, in fact, standing outside the chain site in Shanghai in the perspective of love is nothing more than not to be able to easily obtain, so for ordinary webmaster or to play to their talent for writing, the author suggests the general website can go to correlation every day website to vote a draft, increase the chain website through the submission of the methods, such as your website is the website construction, then you can go to Shanghai why, Chinaz, Admin5, Phoenix, doozz website for submission. But no matter what the website in submission to pay attention to the following:

day release industry station, gradually improve the website brand

site external optimization can be said to be 12 years from June began striking one snag after another, love Shanghai storm until now, from the chain to chain to chain, can be said to have external website optimization of many websites will be forced to an impasse, because they don’t know what to do next, face this kind of situation as an ordinary webmaster how to do the work site optimization of external

two is a submitted article must be original, perhaps there is a part of the site audit efforts to accept submission is not high, let the original article also can be approved, but included? Love Shanghai grab? In order to ensure the validity and effectiveness of the submission of articles submitted must be the original article here I suggest.

The chain construction site of

love Shanghai has abandoned the chain in many channels, but for the love of Shanghai in terms of its own weight space has not been reduced, therefore the author’s suggestion is the webmaster to register a love of the Shanghai space account, then every day according to the characteristics of their own website to write some article to meet the needs of users, in the article add a hyperlink to your site every day, although a chain is not much, but to know that the chain is love Shanghai recognized outside the chain, which is very effective in improving the quality of the chain, also because of the support of investment and release every day, the chain increased speed can be said is increasing every day. In more than 10, as long as you keep the original site update correlation, host stability, such as network >

is to avoid excessive and disorderly behavior, a submission is the key, do not appear multiplecontributions phenomenon, because multiplecontributions seems to bring more the chain for the website, but actually affect the weight of the website promotion, because the site is not for the virtual once this behavior, the next time your submission is difficult to through.

be nothing difficultAlthough ?

day love Shanghai space paper chain, enhance the quality of


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