Personalized search the ideal is full the reality is skinny

1, beginning in 2011, Shanghai tried to determine whether the user is love love this site by recording the user click on a keyword search frequency, so as to search the keywords in the next user, directly to the site to the number one position.

then the traditional search engines have tried to provide personalized search results? The answer is.

2, Google has tried earlier and more personalized, Google provides search results in the URL star function for each keyword for the user. When users add star to a web site, the next time the search keywords, star site directly in the top. Of course, this function has been off the assembly line in a year before.

What is the role of the

currently has put forward the concept of personalized search and search, also is the socialization of the search engine based on the combination of people and information, so as to provide more accurate and personalized search results. However, from the current domestic search engine has a relatively stable market structure, new search and so on in a short period of time almost impossible or that it is very difficult to make a breakthrough. Even the new 360SO into the search engine market is still almost the same as traditional love Shanghai search mode. There is a saying on the Internet: 8 imitators survived, 9 dead innovators. A lot of companies and products have confirmed this truth.

search engine? Is the quickest and easiest to help users find the content they need or web site. At present, the mainstream search engine users is still in the same search box, search the same results. But search, which is the user’s demand is obviously not exactly the same, therefore, one of the bottlenecks of traditional search engine is currently the most urgent is to provide more targeted personalized search service.

in the 09 year love Shanghai launched Box Computing, to the current development of open platform. First love Shanghai itself has provided a very rich content, in many aspects such as: Wikipedia, know, library etc.. In addition to love Shanghai through investment, shares and other ways in some of the most popular industry support sub station, such as Qiyi, where the good doctor, etc.. In addition through open cooperation and integration of excellent content resources within the industry ranked first push.

search open platform

like this try there are many, here is not one example, but these attempts did not achieve a major breakthrough in the field of personalized search, and even ended in failure. The biggest reason is one of the traditional search engines can not have enough user information. Many attempts require users to actively participate in, this is clearly not enough intelligence.

The essence of

search open cooperation is equivalent to the recommended or artificial artificial intervention results, in the short term, in the search engine is not intelligent enough now, through artificial recommend quality content and intelligent search ranking combination to improve the user experience of Shanghai love search can play.

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