To be wise to teach you to fall in love with the sea webmaster increase the amount collected

NO.2: allows users to evaluate

NO.4: as far as possible in social media to transmit


as a webmaster, you must pay enough attention to the website structure. The only way to make things can be caught from here, each page, also is to ensure that all pages are living completely station chain, you know, death is very bad, the spider to scare away is lost. Of course, the website structure can not be too cumbersome, the most simple 3 layer can be completely, also is the so-called "home column page article" mode, in order to ensure the classic style site structure clear and bright.

to attract enoughThe

NO.1: the first point is crucial — the fine structure of the

for the rare original article, must take the initiative to the first time published in various social media, including Sina, micro-blog, Shanghai love blog space, blog, blog and media NetEase Sohu can. Note that this is.


website essential user evaluation module, the love of Shanghai now have included user evaluation is one of the important standards as "quality. Be sure to add, do not trouble, but also to try to attract users to evaluate, and even their own can also be used to increase the evaluation vest.

Time passes very quickly. suddenly already two years, invested in my station. From the beginning of a tiny bit skill, dare not say, but at least I am very diligent, very practical, easy to learn. Gradually achieve the highest IP actually exceeded one thousand mark for the super crazy, too small to meet my vanity. Especially the station love Shanghai included, it is surprisingly high, of course, with my hard. Shanghai has been included in the amount of love tends to accelerate the upgrade, from more than 500 last year, soared to more than 14000 in the near future. Many of them work, but perhaps more skill. Well, don’t keep me in suspense.


search engine favorite original, also love the new ideas and new works, the website, the old things we buy magazines like, who give you a chance? And if you stand is not original, even this is not updated, the search engine will ignore you. Naturally, want something original is not easy, but even the pseudo original to a certain value, not completely, even with no reality whatever there is a loophole. If the search engine found a lot of topics, the serious consequences of the The loss outweighs the gain. In addition, the scope of the original work should pay attention to control, write too narrow, able to attract the keywords too little, write too wide, it is difficult to guarantee the quality. In a word, depending on the situation.

nice to share with the family, good idea to share with friends. How to improve the amount of sea love included in a few tips I do in the process of summary:


NO.3: not miss an important step to provide the original works

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