The quality of white paper brings us what

August 2012, 360 high-profile on-line search engine and quickly collect the market share of 10%, a continuation of search engine has big melee. According to the 360 official public data, the search requests daily 1 billion times, "search requests daily 300 million times, search request means the search button, relevant search, search results page execution by clicking on the search volume, volume of requests is to click on the results of the behavior. Love Shanghai in March last year released data, the average daily search volume over 5 billion times.


a, the website quality

so this paper there are 3 points worth attention:

? site restrictions

C, the original

love the new Shanghai love Shanghai search engine page quality white paper has been released, I believe many of my friends have seen, for just getting started for beginners must understand not much! For several years has been engaged in Shanghai dragon friends want to see the end of just a few points to do their own thing.

love like Shanghai a white paper released his purpose in which


website is so, for the love of Shanghai is a website as long as some of the original will be satisfied, for the website content, the user can only read this article can solve the demand, this website is not really care about what I am afraid not many people.

So for

if you love Shanghai search volume today remain at this level, means that both search volume ratio of about 5:1, although love Shanghai in the mobile search has formed on the absolute monopoly and leading position, but still have to be vigilant, do not sleep without any anxiety. I love Shanghai now want to retain more customers, to provide search value before the user as the user needs to retain.

in the white paper, love Shanghai hopes to set reading too many obstacles "don’t try to allow users direct access to web information or resources, not excessive use of registration, login, install plug-ins restrictions, which is now restricted access to many sites, such as the need to enter the registration login, reaches a certain level, in order to enter spend money to download the relevant web pages. So love is Shanghai hope these websites will provide users with good access to improve the accessibility of the website itself. Then the website is not the way to do? That is the choice between user experience with ranking.

love Shanghai didn’t say directly what type is not suitable for browsing experience, but I personally feel is nothing more than a low quality website content and advertising experience. Low quality web content as we all know, including content layout, content existence of expression is not perfect, does not comply with the content, content and theme. As for the love of Shanghai said advertising experience, is the site itself too much advertising page which is the most influential pop, advertising content, advertising language sensitive.



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