Love Shanghai station search tool upgrade online experience




code is placed after the click search tips, then click modify settings will appear as the interface, search prompts in the user input, suggesting that the most relevant keywords, open the function can greatly save the cost of user input. As can be seen from the chart the first choice in this type of search resources, and then set corresponding to your site, suggesting that the number of words, colors and fonts, and finally you can choose the search results page is opened in the station search prompt function. When all settings can be on the right side of the search box test, the wooden Shanghai dragon searched Shanghai dragon ", the search results are as follows, the cue word and in love in Shanghai when searching the word down very close, but the continuous measurement of more than one word, found that the two results are like, but not exactly the same the.


the first click on the search tips and hot search term, the results are the same, you need to first in the search box style in new and rebuilt the code style into the web.

first generation of new code, this is very simple, according to their site, set the search box and button style, color, size, text, click OK the new code will appear, this code is copied to the web page before put to search the code position can directly replace the. Before the. And before the code is different, the sea search for love is called JS, and before using the Form and Input tags.



well, the search term set after clicking the hot search term, and then click modify settings will appear as the lower bound >

landing love Shanghai Webmaster Platform – other search tools, we will see 3 new red eye-catching, respectively is the search box style, search tips and hot search word.

When the August 2013

version of the sea search tool love had already appeared in the sidebar of the tool Webmaster Platform, it should be said that search is a function of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform more important. Shanghai love search tool is designed to help owners at low cost to provide high quality service for the users to search the site. At the time when I had the honor to receive online love Shanghai invitation mail to get permission, after to share the love of Shanghai station search experience first. And now love sea search tools upgrade and open beta, with new understanding is inside station search word and search tips, I once again available online access, the first to experience a good stuff to share, of course, here to share with you love Shanghai station search tool upgrade online experience.




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