Novice reading how to choose the domain name to Shanghai Dragon

6. common domain name suffix what impact for Shanghai dragon does not, such as com, CN, net etc..

domain name is one of the most important intangible assets of Internet Co and individual owners, all the contents of the site, traffic is associated with a particular domain name, have a certain impact on a good domain name and website operation in Shanghai dragon. Choose a good domain name can let Shanghai Longfeng, work.

4. domain name should be concise, easy to input, the best people to look at to remember and read pronunciation, spelling mistakes will not lead to. In addition, should avoid homonym. Domain names have a certain meaning and significance.

5, our domain name should be as far as possible with the theme of the site to echo, so you can better help visitors remember our site, but also help visitors can directly enter the domain name through direct access.

3. enterprise name Pinyin as the domain name, with the corresponding enterprise name as the domain name English.


summary: a good domain name, related to the future business or personal network brand image successfully establish the overall situation, also has a great impact on a site of the Shanghai dragon website planning optimization, so in the early time, the domain name of the website must take into account. This paper made good use of H5>

7. from the love Shanghai official advice we can know the principle of domain name selection of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than simple, authoritative, easy to remember

2. was first included in the time domain. In addition to the registration date, the domain name was first included in the search engine’s time is also very important, some old domain name registration is not so analytic, not included any content, but not age advantage has long been included in the content domain.


?How to judge whether the old domain name How to choose the Shanghai dragon

1. domain names do not include "-" – no user input. Other domain names can be used as a domain name, it is best not to Chinese.

to Shanghai dragon

The domain name is

3. domain name trading history. Domain name registration after ever sold included in the Internet before? What is the content, there is no sensitive content associated with. The future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization was great influence.

but we need to pay attention to the choice of some common domain name suffix, the domain name suffix if too remote is easy to make our visitors distrust on our site.

2. after access to your web site, which is better to remember. A little shorter. It is best to double.

1. years of domain name. The domain name is registered as early as the more favorable for ranking, it is so, the purchase of the old domain name is a common practice in Shanghai dragon industry.

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