Lu Songsong Shanghai Dragon Art Second Edition

1, at least 30-50 unique words (for many pages, need more words, this figure will be as minimum) composed of unique and easy to understand sentences, these sentences are not the other site / page.

2, HTML and other web page text content is different, is not only a key difference to replace nouns and verbs (which means that the construction of the same page >).

book is very thick, a total of 620, I believe that most people will be intermittent, can barely read only half, less than 30% can remember some knowledge points, truly applied to actual work should reach 10%.

version first is compiled by the Zac Zan Hui, published in April 2012, "Shanghai Dragon Art" is several famous foreign experts with Shanghai Longfeng books, this book has already gone beyond simple specific technical pursuit, (such as Title, but how to write) stand on a higher level to consider how Shanghai dragon in network marketing, social media tide, and Shanghai dragon on the website of the substantial contribution etc.. Because before the Zac out of the book have been sold well, so this is a compilation of the book even worse.

second edition and first edition published 878 days apart, compiled by Yao Jun, published in May 1, 2013, the second edition of the increase in "the eighth chapter of social media and the user data is how to search results ranking function", the book of changes more English wording.

wonderful excerpt

"Shanghai Dragon Art" is a good book, the shortcoming is that the Shanghai dragon knowledge is mainly noble baby, Bing foreign search engines, many methods are not suitable in china. Moreover, some translation is too stiff, hard to read.

has recently received the Shanghai dragon art sent Machinery Industry Press "(Second Edition)" book, this is the year of new books and related books, because the webmaster is too little, and this book about the Shanghai dragon, is also very suitable for webmaster. This book is so written, also some insights.

when we put things to Shanghai dragon when theory, doomed only to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. See this may disappoint you, yes, this is I can anticipate the results of this book is to recommend to the real needs of the people.

book presents with a unique Shanghai Longfeng method, which in the domestic is seldom referred to below, Lou loose intercepts part to share with you.

: the unique content and depth of


from search engine engineers and representative of the many examples, discussion lists the following criteria:

"Shanghai Dragon Art" background:

This is

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