Three secrets of increasing the revenue of a single page TaobaoGrassroots individual Adsense how to

as long as you contact 10 people every day, talk about the next day. 100 days later, I think your stop is OK. A good development of the last wishes of our grassroots station in the promotion of the Internet can also force Wangzhuan ball. This article by

finally, I chose to do Taobao crown shop Guinness to do, when your users add your station to the favorites inside, you will succeed. If there are one thousand people collecting your station note that these 1000 people are very spending power, of course, the premise of your station is simple enough. Give everyone a good navigation experience. 1000 people themselves can go to one, one break. I don’t need to teach you this. My station is on Amoy nets, we can see. You don’t need thousands of IP per day, and you don’t need desperately SEO.

second: that is to do the long tail keywords, independent of a station, or everywhere. I see, there are many grassroots webmaster to do, the effect is very unstable. Sometimes more, sometimes not.

two, borrows the promotion on leveraging the promotion, believe a lot of people know! Zhu Geliang borrow arrows with thatched boats is a very typical example. We do leverage promotion, sometimes there will be unexpected results. But our attention is in leveraging the attention must be paid to the relationship between us: for example, in the eye of this product, you can hang on the weight loss drug Taobao ad code in a single page, are some of the beauty of the young girl after all most buy eye cream, sometimes in their weight-loss drugs will be needed, as long as through the connection after the purchase the Commission has further increased. I’ve seen more examples of failure is a selling machine Soybean Milk single page station on acne, whitening product code, he might also know force, but he ignored this page to the feelings of others is not professional, so that customers lost.

three, take the initiative to promote: we often care about the site is the directional flow of the site, this flow more, that will have more people to buy. So how should we actively promote this initiative? First of all, by now, sh419 soso Q & a platform for promotion, how do we can use sh419 Search, after all, sh419 is our best teacher! Then, many people would have thought to do flow with mass software, but.


first of all, I would like to declare that grassroots webmaster do not dream of such a huge income on the list. Take a very simple example, you look at the major web site to see the Taobao crown shop Daquan, advertising will know the more powerful. As far as I know, the simple 3000 page advertisement for the 2345 site is only a month. There are other stations in Taobao customers. Those are not what we grassroots can do, and there is no money to make the conversion rate between the investment and the return.

we know that the current Taobao is very intense, we have to enter, may make a website profit maximization. Only when we have achieved the maximum can we have the confidence and motivation to keep on doing it. Then each Taobao – in trying to improve their single page station income, can be described as the brains! Yes! Many novice friends Taobao passenger station income often stays in the hundreds of pieces of the stage, but can not exceed the monthly income of 1000 mark! This month more than often, but not subjective factor. Then, a simple single page in a short period of time how to quickly increase your income? This is a lot of new friends want to know! So, I will be in the following simple analysis of what we actually increase their income with the Taobao customer unique secret

third: is to use his stand to drive their own station to the promotion. For example, I was, I was a local station in Jiangcheng forum then attract people to buy things to their guest station. Make full use of the resources in your hand.

in contributions!

I’ll talk about what I did next.

first: I analyzed the Taobao customers, many of them are using the Empire of the program, the same, of course, there is success. Earn an objective income. Later, sh419’s station so many included tens of thousands of stations, leaving only a few pages. Rapid decline in traffic. Income, of course, has shrunk considerably. I don’t recommend this kind of station. Your success or failure is decided by sh419. SEO competition is fierce and can be described as white hot.

1, search promotion: we know the way to do Taobao customers: search promotion, page promotion, shop promotion, commodity promotion, dispensers promotion, Taobao mall promotion. But for our single page Taobao customers, "search and promote" is an important way to increase our revenue from Taobao customers. Search marketing can be divided into "Taobao search promotion", "Taobao mall promotion" the biggest difference is the Taobao search promotion is the mall can get mall subsidies, watch carefully for some commodities commodity subsidies than the Commission is also high, which is why many friends use search mall main reason promotion. We have a single page product list, but also put 10 products for users to choose, we can not guarantee that users can purchase from these 10 products. At this time, plus a search box, so that conversion rates, Taobao revenue greatly improved, rather than the user "not get back."".

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