n recent years Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization experience

(four): site external connections — no matter what kind of words, want to do well, and the chain is an indispensable channel, but when the chain must look carefully, some sites were K down the right, or you do not exchange, no place to cry to cry however, for many of the new station, we first did not need to worry for the connection of a high quality website, unless you know a lot of friends, or we will obediently own registered more than a few weight high blog forum to send some post add their website connection. Hey

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finally said to you, in fact, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most important thing is to insist, I wrote these are a lot of people have been in use of the method, but many people can not stand, and do the work of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a simple and mechanical work, if work tired, remember the rest under the.

from the beginning of the 07 year contact network now has more than 4 years from the early sex Shanghai PPC to Google keyword promotion to Shanghai dragon keywords optimization, can be described through 99 to eighty-one, fruit achievement below for their…… met some Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, talk about their experiences.

(three): the keyword density and distribution — in fact for keyword density and distribution of I do not understand, just say how I do. It is in our "company profile" and "news" and "service support" "products" and other columns and add some of our website related keywords, personally think that the one or two target keywords and long tail keywords around 3, reasonable distribution is best on the distribution. Keyword density is the best among the best, if greater than 2%—7& 7% words of love of spiders in Shanghai may think that your site has suspected of cheating.

(1): website content website’s content must be associated with the site title and set the key words, not necessarily all related, but at least seventy per cent of the content is relevant, or even if not k, will not have the rankings, even if there is place where to go or not. Therefore, we should be looking for something to do with the keyword related information in the update website content, rather than copy the relevant information back, nor the original not related content. Ji’nan Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization

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(two): the title of the site description — I have always believed that a good title and description can give love Shanghai spiders or visitors to leave a good impression by title and description can clearly tell the viewer and love Shanghai spiders, our web site is what, with what products or what service website. Note: the title and description of the site should do before optimization in defining the general situation, the best remain unchanged, it is necessary to change cannot change beyond recognition, and modify it to one-time change, can never change often.

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