Shanghai first day dragon Er years after what work

four, finally landing statistics platform, see the next holiday this time, site visits and keyword search volume, there is a user search words.

today we are going to work, of course, as a bitter Shanghai dragon Er, even for this period of time, we will also look at the site’s ranking, and I had a friend to say, of course, I do not know is not the one we do Shanghai Longfeng people in common, no matter in what place or what time we turn on the computer, the first thing to do is to open up to love Shanghai, then take a look at the website ranking and included. Of course, some of my friends say, don’t care too much about the data every day, yes, don’t care about is not possible, we can only see some light, calm a little. You won’t feel every day the work is very awful!

two, included, the chain, chain: Web site pages included increased significantly, in fact, this is the reason that, at that time every day at the end of the new website updated article is of high quality or the sea, love index is also high, included being put out sooner or later the. The snapshot still remain in the day of the year before the holiday, because that day also sent the article. Then domain took a look at the outside of the chain, the chain should change is that information previously released slowly are included, but also appears to be a problem, do not know is a malicious competitor issued outside the chain of love Shanghai has no intention of snapshots, we published in the information on the violations and a hundred responses to a single call the snapshot information together, after these illegal information is deleted, but Shanghai seems to be in love before it is deleted is included, and there is a snapshot. Then you need to check Links, directly delete a site has been open pit links, ah, do not know what time the station began to open.

, a website ranking: still, or open the Shanghai Longfeng monitoring data, do not know if you know this "optimization" monitoring platform, free membership rights have been enough for everyone to use, very convenient, especially like we need to look at the seven or eight sites and included, we can not go a a search. The rank of the website is down a lot, because there may be more than half a month did not update the article, after all, is a new web site, only ten days before the first page of the time, and then began a holiday.

three, and then view the site log, login FTP download site log, see the spider crawling records, it is not clear what changes, after all it ten days not to update it, after some websites ranking up for two or three months without updates. Return code 304 spiders, and there are several pages appeared 500 return code

After the !

analysis of the data, it is the first to solve one by one, to update a high quality of the original article is very necessary, the second is to delete does not meet the requirements of the friendship chain.

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