SEMFLY high flow soft real should be written like this

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two, high flow soft Wen title is the most important

as the saying goes to see the first impression of a person is to see the whole face, when a person’s face to bring you a clear and hearty feeling this person will observe your colleagues carefully, so no matter what keep the good first impression is very important, when we write soft is like this, in the first impression the most critical is the title, the title is like a person’s face, if your title features, can attract people eyeball, then people will can’t help point to open your article to watch, so the title of the article is part of a very important, so how to do an article title? The first Title must be concise, clear and concise what is? That is to say that everyone can understand you what this article is written, so that everyone can understand, some of my friends say, Some mysterious headline can pull to flow, but also can improve the degree of concern, but this is possible, but for some people the mysterious title can give readers a sense of security, so concise title is to give the reader a heart for reassurance, can


, a written text is not so difficult to

before we share the experience, we want to help you break the barriers of the heart, not in contact with some friends, feel soft, hard to write, or do not know what to write things, in fact, is not as difficult as you imagine, once had a friend asked me: soft Wen is writing to learn the better. When I heard this sentence was almost laughed out before is written, we also read Lu Xun’s essays? Or let you turned to Lu Xun? So we certainly feel unrealistic, actually write the number of soft Wen is not the most important you know, but for yourself if you have confidence, no matter big or small that confidence is the most important, even if you’re well read, have no confidence in yourself, you are very difficult to write a soft Wen, said here we must have confidence in yourself, and write text to charge for their charge, so you can write soft article is also helpful, good. Now on your computer keyboard and I write soft

now has a lot of friends to discuss a direct effect of Shanghai Longfeng problems with me and that is in addition to the use of search engines to pull flow, what method can pull a lot of site traffic, this problem directly affects us every webmaster heart, because the struggle in the Internet world, the most valuable is the traffic flow, so it is a key problem, when we discuss how to pull a lot of traffic, the first thing we think of is soft, because a good soft Wen can pull a lot of traffic, a good soft Wen can also assist Shanghai dragon growth ranking, can say soft Wen really "cow", when we have determined the soft can bring great flow at the same time to the site, the biggest problem is how to write a soft Wen can bring high flow, Through our continuous research and discussion, finally draws the following conclusions:

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