Teach you how to make the second

there are a lot of friends are lazy, the habit of every day to collect some articles, then head to tail, and some left to direct use of tools to generate content, so although your site look the fruits, but for spiders, these articles are not friendly to the user. The search engine spiders come is prohibitive, humanity don’t test the spider love from Shanghai until now also has been in progress, the spider is very user-friendly.

when the website frame we have initially set down in the station to do is content, to update the content is the truth. A good content is to attract users and spiders to crawl very important part here, I suggest that you do the content, because it is very simple, our content is for the user, of course, if it is rubbish station can try to pseudo original tools, only to disrupt the order of dozens of articles in combination with upset that is released, but only for a spider rather than to help users.

chain to help spider eldest brother into our website has a guide, let the spider every day to walk the same road, there will be more familiar with the feelings of the spider. The more the chain, the spider is more interested in, come to our site will be more diligent, relative, the higher the weight of the chain, we give the principle of voting is still very impressive.

so here I suggest you, content to be divided into two steps, the original content of cast A5 or Chinaz to the left and there are many large portal also can contribute, pseudo original is actually not difficult, more than

In fact,

website has just established, if we want to let the spider focus on your website to release link bait and other ways to let the spider to crawl along the link, and the old station chain we should pay attention to the weight, the survival rate of the link.

I think When a new

is content to attract the spider, personally think: in the early stage of new sites rely on insist, the old station depends on the frequency stability.

I think maybe we are content with the first stage of building the spider, and outside chain is we build interactions with spider moments, especially to find a suitable method, the flow will do fine, such as deep water like Everfount. Some webmaster forum at the chain, some standing outside doing chain blog at some stations do inquiry platform at the chain, some stations do classification information network platform at the chain, some stations at contributions. So there is always a way of the chain will be for you, if you can put these together, and good quality, the spider grab is very useful.

We also know that the webmaster do

it is understood Xi’an Shanghai dragon, there are many webmasters that article is the second, just by chance, here in Xi’an Shanghai dragon told the novice webmaster, as long as you do the details of the internal construction and external construction, this is actually not difficult.

currently has the chain attract spider: according to my view is: new sites on is wide, the old station is on the quality of.

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