Shanghai new dragon in Shanghai Longfeng work process and the novice should pay attention to the pro

Shanghai dragon The basic steps of

Shanghai Longfeng work:

now more and more attention from the enterprise a lot of stationmaster, promotion also slowly add Shanghai dragon ranks, Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon forum, overwhelming, can say is Shanghai Dragon into the homes of ordinary people, more and more applied to the industry of the Internet, with the popularity of Shanghai dragon, more and more people want to learn Shanghai dragon, I talk about the steps of Shanghai dragon, boy beginner, please advise if there is not a week.

should always pay attention to the site conditions, statistical data, often go to love Shanghai, goole site: your domain name, see included and update your website, go to the Yahoo link: Observation of the chain, and with the help of Shanghai dragon tools, daily observation site, pay attention to the dead link, common weight dispersion. The update.

3. page optimization analysis

1. keywordsKeywords

analysis of your own website structure is not consistent with the spider crawling habit, this is what we often say that the flat structure and tree structure, which is also a factor affecting Shanghai dragon. Use as few FLASH, pictures, navigation links use more text. Site structure analysis: eliminate structure is not conducive to optimizing the design of tree structure. Pay attention to the navigation and navigation position, navigation and name and website column correlation, the location of the list is the need to consider.


on page title of each page, keyword density, position analysis, keyword density and layout keywords good is favorable to the Shanghai dragon. Spider, love machine spider web site regularly update, update cycle and time so the reasonable arrangement of the content on the website is one of the important techniques of Shanghai dragon. Let the home page column page article pages do the chain optimization, let the search engine to understand the importance and key words of each page, are spiders, machine crawler a favorable channel. The whole site to form a large network, let the spider to climb in the internet.

2. website frame analysis

The optimization of

, is one of the most important link in the work of the Shanghai dragon, can be said to a web site keywords of the soul, the correct choice of keywords. General flavor and future positioning of the website. Keywords selection work includes: Keywords attention (heat) analysis, correlation analysis and web site keywords, keywords layout, competitor analysis. In the process of analysis of the choice of keywords, to love and love Shanghai, Shanghai index by Google and other search engines to make analysis, according to the actual capacity of their own choice. Select the appropriate keywords to abide by the following principles: key words not too broad, the main keyword is not suitable for too long too special, standing in the user perspective, select the most searched, least competitive keywords, and your site related to.

4. Shanghai Dragon

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