Discussion on the cause of four common web site is down right

for website optimization personnel, site is down right often it is often encounter things, after the site right down, the owners need to spend more time in order to make the weight of the site restoration, in order to let the grass roots in the process of Web site optimization take some detours, today I and everyone from several common search engines right down.

, a site outside the chain loss rate is too high

two, key distribution is not reasonable

for website optimization personnel lack of experience, how to reasonable keyword interspersed in the web has a certain degree of difficulty, because most optimization personnel are generally placed on the website of the keyword head title, Keywords tag, description tag, so although the increase keyword density, but the key has not been reasonable distribution. Here, I will tell you the keyword "should be divided into three parts, each keyword density is kept equal.

three, website content update is not stable

update website content is the most basic site work, only the good content to retain users, users love the site, search engine spiders will also love, so we have to update the site every day, and the search engine spiders and humans, eat regularly, the day will come to your website from time to time quantitative foraging, neither let you starve, also cannot hold, this requires us to update the website information to time quantitative site information, the best is the high quality original article.

four, Links drag

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