A5 do not be too clever marketing accidentally fell into the pit


if you get to experience from the middle school, I hope to move your fingers with a WeChat public number I, "He Guijiang" this article will be delivered, or my WeChat 2567173. If you choose to ignore this, please also below said these words are as nonsense.


two: program selection


many people do not love with some others are using the program to do, always love such as the use of net program: new in order to be different, to do the station. We want to say is: if you are the site of the company, then please pass out, why? Because of the use of.Net package program basically means that if you do behind the program adjustment, can only continue to look for him to do to you, can be said to be "in the same boat". But he was not happy music for you, because Steamed Rice modify it, not only spend money to see the face of

is now the website construction service providers, 70% will cheat you on the web server, such as the use of cheap Taiwan host, which is more tricky. Some developers will say: China is too complex, but also for Hongkong ah, so you do not record in order to save on the choice of the Hong Kong server. The use of domestic server in time? Is also more garbage service provider server.

in addition, there are many service providers have a set of lightweight CMS itself, this program is very easy to do, but also the function above is also very single, save their own development cost and time. If you can choose, such as the mainstream website suggestions program discuz, CMS, ECSHOP, ant Empire, this type to do.

here we want to say is: select the server for independent IP, preferred: North, on the broad, Hangzhou, 4 regional server basically won’t be wrong. As for the price, the general site costs in >

: the price of Enlightenment ?

today write more soil, keyboard before you’ve seen more than once, but why write out, repeatedly chewing uncomfortable? According to statistics, the number of sites China until December 2015 when 426W, but this figure is only half a year ago 357W. Today, I am writing this article is to continue to do a guide, how to guide these climbing on the site on the road, take some detours,

This article

some time ago a Zhanjiang website said: take 5W block, the effect is good? When I heard this, I was cast out, now the site of the company is to make money? Is a standard enterprise station! I can only comfort him, do web design really good. Here I just want to give more people a reminder, do a website for thousands of pieces of it, the more it really into the pit.

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