Analysis of website page optimization details 3 coup

The first page of the site name:

third: the website label details. Many websites in the construction site content did not pay attention to the optimization of search engine for the label, the label weight is very high, sometimes weight tabs than low weight. In the construction of website, the correlation between the relatively large pages can build tag tags, classified into the same tag tag, which is not only convenient for a spider to grab the content, also facilitate the users in the website browsing. The label can be used in the keyword name, but these tags in the content if the correlation, not abuse optimization Keywords tag, can easily lead to the spider web is that the phenomenon of cheating, cause the page to be right down. At the same time, the title of the page is also used in the website pictures, if the website needs to add the corresponding picture, but for spiders, they are unable to read the content of the picture, then we need to map.

. The site is named as numbers, the name of the web site can be included in the keyword of the website, domain name registration on the site can choose to register with the keyword domain name has been registered, sometimes the words can be, then we can choose the relevant keywords, but the links between the best keywords is "-", rather than "–". At the same time, the website address of the page can also use the URL address included in the key, do not simply use 123.html. For Chinese website domain name and URL address, you can use pinyin instead of keywords. Web page name contains keywords, spiders crawl the site, the page weight to give the relevant website, so the details of the optimization can improve the spider crawling.

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng competitiveness is great, the optimization work to do a good job of website owners, may be more time to spend on pages within the website optimization. At the same time, Shanghai dragon optimization is also attaches great importance to the details of things that need to optimize a page of some content sites, the inside pages of the details of the optimization keywords directly related to whether the website can have very good rankings. In the infinitely small to give you some tips to share optimization details.

second: Web page title. The title of the site is the most important place in the spider, the spider will determine the nature of the site according to the page title in the description, if you want to optimize the website keywords, keywords must appear in the title of the page, the page title is the most attention in the search engine optimization details. General site optimization keywords not only one encounter website to optimize multiple keywords, the need for keyword analysis, competition of popular keywords, need to be distributed in front of the title of the website, with spider segmentation technology, it is best to appear 2 times, in order to improve the main keyword density in the title. For the description of the page to control between 70-80 characters, the use of English under the condition of half width with the main keywords to appear in these characters, and the distribution is reasonable, sentence fluent, so that the spider can determine the correct site keywords primary and secondary, given different weight distribution.

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