Understand the search engine update rules to improve website ranking

links can include Links and external links, the owners need every day to check Links, or try to re check the Links update in the search engine, so as to avoid Links site problems which led to his website is not updated.

chain number but the quality is low is made will not update the search engine, although the chain for the emperor, but the high quality of the chain is the most important, try to add the chain in some weight high site. Method to add the chain variety, you can use soft link, link or message signature links and so on, but to comply with the provisions to be added, or is futile.

‘s website is not updated, even their website content is not updated, how can you expect to update our website search engine. And the problem is updated when little, update the contents of the most important thing is to maintain stability, the best every day 1-2 article.

two, website link is involved in

may be the site where the server does not.

as a qualified webmaster, update time and frequency on the understanding of the search engine is a kind of basic quality, basically love Shanghai collection of big update monthly time is 11 and 26, a small update time for every Thursday. Each search engine update, many sites will appear on the website snapshot does not change, some will appear the phenomenon of correction, not included on the increase for the website ranking will decline. In these cases, many owners have this idea of "love Shanghai ah, you let me too much to handle, but we can not blindly believe that the search engine is caused by unstable, first Shanghai dragon Er to do is to analyze your website, the website is not to find out why update. Below I introduce the reason not to update the website.

The content of long time in

search engine every month regular updates on the website, whether large or small update update, every webmaster is filled with hope and fear of its existence, the search engine update means whether the new station will be included on the line, the old site’s ranking is improved. In order to home position, Shanghai dragon Er engaged in a war without smoke of gunpowder, destined to face failure and success. When it comes to the search engine update time, the webmaster is a few happy tears, some websites by search engine punishment, while some websites update in the search engine rankings have been improved. No matter what the situation, webmasters have to face to maintain a normal state of mind, the only thing you can do is to understand the search engine update rule.


big update in search engine, we can increase the number of original articles appropriate, the search engine is a very great importance to the original content, the original article on the website of the update is be of great advantage.

three, the website is linked to the horse

, a web site content is not updated


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