Want to write a high quality original article can try my method

3, can make readers interested to watch


1, readers love reading;

theme and method is the focus of the content is not written up, a good article does not need a good literary talent, is that you need to do you want to express accurately. Of course, if you use better, not better than their more easily attract the readers’ attention is certainly, after reading your article is reproduced immediately overwhelmed with admiration for hundreds of share, bring external links to you. Of course, this is just fantasy.

4, can let readers read speak their opinions or to share with others.

to write some of the Internet people interested in the article, try to write about his views on the Internet, or write some event occurred on the Internet, to humorous writing is also able to attract your readers, for example, you can write about the Internet arena, the arena of search engine.

2, the reader can gain knowledge or information from the

; ? The

to Shanghai Longfeng people interested in the article, it is best to write some of their own experience and experience, concise and comprehensive, unique insights will attract visitors attention, if the content is well written by people easily reproduced, not only increase the flow but also can be a lot of chain free.

I want to find the cudgel thinking, solve a problem, first to find the root of problems. What is my purpose to write high quality original articles?. Why? Because it is only high quality articles can be recognized by visitors, can reduce the site’s jump out rate can increase website traffic. Since it is rush this to write, that now we are according to the demand analysis. What kind of articles can be defined as high quality articles.

I think this article is good article, is the high quality of the article. To achieve the above 4 objectives, it is not easy to. We should first material, choose what kind of theme, expression of what content, but also to let visitors feel that your article has value useful to him.

For example: For example: ;

can analyze to what kind of person, and the article achieve what purpose. The following is the actual operation. Each paragraph should be how to partition. Because most of us write articles are expository essays and. Exposition is more common, especially in some Shanghai Longfeng share of the general dry cargo expert writing exposition. In this type of writing, the most important thing is to pay attention to a sequence of time sequence, spatial sequence, logical sequence. And the big department "

since the establishment of Shanghai dragon blog has always insisted on writing the original content, but the lack of performance just passable, although it is original, but the quality is not high, on the website of the effect is not great. I have been thinking, since it is the original article, why not put the original article high quality articles written in

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