Want to become the four Shanghai dragon master must have the mentality


bluntly, Shanghai dragon is a periodic work. In this period, how to plan, through some special techniques to achieve the purpose, or to the ground, step by step success! This is between Shanghai dragon ER thought, many new Adsense understanding of this industry is not deep enough, very easy to go astray. In their efforts to become empty. But the deficiency is always not a substitute for real, only down-to-earth can really do their work. There is not desirable.

summary: a qualified Shanghai dragon ER has to withstand wind and rain, there is a unremittingly heart, set a good value, and strong execution, you will master the Shanghai dragon, new Adsense remember: attitude decides success or failure.

second mentality: where fall up from where

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third mentality: have good values

as an old webmaster, here for the novice webmaster said: when we optimize your web site, if you encounter some bottlenecks easily give up, whether the industry has lost enthusiasm. If your answer is yes, then you will never become a real Shanghai dragon master. Since we chose this profession, so it must be with an optimistic, positive heart to treat some problems and challenges. Today is to talk about the Shanghai dragon master must have the mentality of how

many industries have the same invaluable advice, as we mentioned fourth mentality. To say we should do, we must do our best. In fact, attitude is the fundamental decision action. But the behavior is often empty talk. Only the implementation of the powerful, can let oneself of each pay all get a reasonable return, carry out can really help Shanghai Longfeng work.

most of the time, we will think your site is a failure, in the face of failure, we must learn to reflect. Look at the site where the lack of content is not the quality of the chain, or poor quality! There is always a reason! And then find out the specific analysis of the problem, get rid of these problems. This is the Shanghai dragon ER will grow the way.

fourth mentality: words will do, do

first mentality: never give up unremittingly,

when we meet a site not long-term ranking, or keyword ranking long-term can not be significantly improved when the few stationmaster can calm. Just like other industries, once you are in the optimization of industry bottleneck, you will feel unable to start, questioning his prior work. But Shanghai must learn to master dragon self-regulation, to adhere to the user experience as the main body, do website optimization work.

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